2007 Global 5000


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TTAF: 2247.5 hours

Landings: 895 landings



Type: BR700-710A2-20

 #1 #2

S/N: 12429 12430

TSN: 2247.5 hours 2247.5 hours

CSN: 895  cycles  895  cycles


Type: Honeywell RE-220

S/N: P-274

TSN: 1,894 APU hours


Remaining Warranty Dates:

Fuselage/Structure until 2025.


Weight & Balance:

Empty: 50,517 lbs

Max Takeoff: 92,500 lbs (SB 11-008)

Max Landing: 78,600 lbs

Max Zero Fuel: 56,000 lbs

Max Ramp: 92,750 lbs


  • COM: Triple Honeywell RCZ 833 /835
  • NAV: Dual Honeywell NV 850
  • FDS: Honeywell Primus 2000XP
  • A/P: Honeywell Primus 2000XP
  • XPNDR: Dual Honeywell RNZ 851 Mode S Diversity – Enhanced Flight ID
  • ADF: Dual Honeywell Primus DF 850 Integrated
  • DME: Dual Honeywell Primus DM 850 Integrated
  • ADC: Triple Honeywell Micro AZ 840 MADC
  • FMS: Triple Honeywell NZ 2000 (NZ 6.1) with CDU 820s
  • GPS: Dual Honeywell GNSSU’s with WAAS
  • AFIS: HST 2100 Digital Data Link and SATCOM high speed data /ADLS
  • STCOM: Collins SAT 6100 (3) channel
  • HFCOM: Dual Collins 9031A with SELCAL
  • FFONE: Aerocom A 3000B Iridium & ICS 100 – (5) cabin handsets & (1) cockpit
  • EFIS: Six Honeywell 8” x 7” DU870 Displays
  • RADAR: Primus 880 with dual control heads & LSZ 860 Lightning Processor
  • RADALT: Dual Collins ALT 4000
  • TCAS: Honeywell TCAS 2000 with Change 7.1
  • EGPWS: Honeywell Mark V
  • LRNAV: Triple Honeywell HG-2001GD03 Inertial Reference Systems
  • FDR: Honeywell SSFDR
  • CVR: Honeywell SSCVR
  • ELT: Artex 406 MGHz with NAV interface


Additional Equipment & Features:

  • WAAS/LPV Capable
  • FANS 1/A+ and CPDLC (ADS-B) Capable
  • RNP 4 30/30 and RNP 0.3 Capable
  • RVSM Capable
  • MNPS Capable
  • FM Immunity Compliant
  • 8.33 Spacing Compliant
  • TAWS Compliant
  • Build 6.0 Avionics upgrade and Batch 3.3 IAC upgrade
  • Thales Sextant Heads Up Display (CAT II Capable) – Batch 3 Compliant
  • BEVS Bombardier Enhanced Vision System
  • Triple Batch 3 IC 800 Integrated Avionics Computers
  • CAIMS Central Aircraft Information Maintenance System with PMAT
  • Auto Throttle System
  • Autopilot Emergency Descent Mode
  • 2 BF Goodrich flight bags installed in the cockpit (captain screen size 8.5” and copilot
  • screen size 10”)
  • Honeywell AIS 2000 SAT TV (Direct TV System)
  • Airborne Wireless LAN/Global Office (SWIFT 64)
  • SECURAPLANE security system
  • Electric ATG Accordion Window Shades
  • Remote refuel / defuel panel
  • APU Hour meter
  • Wing tip taxi lights
  • Cockpit observer’s seat / Crew jump seat
  • Floor heaters
  • Illuminated approach chart holders
  • (2) 115 VAC 60 HZ electrical outlets in cockpit, and one RJ45 ethernet connection
  • Thales Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (ISIS)
  • Rockwell Collins Airshow ASXi system
  • BE Aerospace LED cabin lighting
  • Pulse Landing light system
  • AFT equipment bay storage box
  • DL 950 Data Loader
  • Entry Way area heater
  • (2) Therapeutic Oxygen outlets in cabin
  • S/B 700-1A11-31-013, 700-1A11-28-005 & 700-1A11-11-008 – Extended Range – Max
  • Takeoff 92,500 lbs
  • SB 700-1A11-001 (Rev. 1, 2 Part A & 2 Part B) – Operations at Airports with Maximum
  • Weight Restrictions

Service Bulletin Incorporation Compliance Report

  • SB 700A11-23-005 – Airborne Data Link System (ADLS)
  • SB 700-1A11-33-001 – Addition of Logo Lights
  • SB 700-1A11-73-005 FADEC version 2.0 upgrade
  • SB 700-1A11-53-025 mod of belly fairing attachment
  • SB 700-1A11-25-012 O2 line replacement
  • SB 700-1A11-32-021 Wheel speed transducer upgrade
  • SB 700-1A11-32-020 #3 brake accumulator upgrade
  • SB 700-1A11-32-016 #2 sys brake accumulator upgrade
  • SB 700-1A11-31-017 Batch 3.3 upgrade




This aircraft has a 10-passenger fireblocked interior plus 1 crew jump seat. The forward cabin features a 4-place club with 2 folding executive tables with deployed leaf locking mechanisms. The mid-cabin has a four-place conference group with a hi-lo conference table opposing a credenza. The aft cabin features a 2-place club with a folding executive table opposing a 9G 3-place berthing divan (not certified for take-off and landing). The forward cabin has an Inflite 4200 pocket door between the galley and cabin and the aft cabin has a privacy curtain allowing it to be closed off as sleeping quarters.



The forward galley is equipped with granite counter tops, (2) ice drawers, a TIA, microwave, a TIA warming oven, (1) 10 cup manual fill coffee maker, (3) refrigerated compartments, 2 cabinets and 2 drawers, a trash compactor, galley and entranceway, cooling fans, china and crystal storage, (1) Prepco heated liquid container, 115 VAC outlet (1 dual and 2 single), a large sink, wine storage and (1) 10.4” touch screen cabin management control.


Bombardier CES Cabin Management System with Batch 3.3 update, High Speed (SWIFT64) Data with a Wireless LAN, Honeywell AIS 2000 SAT TV, (2) 21” cabin monitors  (one on the forward bulkhead & one on the aft bulkhead), (1) credenza pop up monitor, a fax and printer with on board network, dual multi regional DVD, CD Players, Video Game System ports, lots of power outlets throughout the Aircraft and Rockwell Collins Airshow ASXi.



This Aircraft is also equipped with forward and aft lavatories with vacuum toilet waste systems. The aft lav has a tiled granite counter top with a plated sink, faucet, splashguard, water heater and (1) 115 VAC outlet. Each lavatory uses the onboard 24.7 U.S. gallon water system with CES controls and motion detectors.


Interior Coverings:

Beige leather chairs, beige/caramel patterned carpet, beige headliner and gold plating.



Top fuselage Matterhorn White, Lower fuselage semi-gloss grey and stripes in Black and Titanium.



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