Bring your outdated cabin management system into the 21st Century

Bring your outdated cabin management system into the 21st Century

If there is one guarantee in aviation, it is that nothing stays the same for long. The industry is constantly evolving and new technologies, systems and processes are being developed and implemented. From avionics to engine repair to mobile repair services to aircraft inspections and more, Skyservice’s maintenance team has always prided itself on its ability to be a step ahead of the crowd and offering innovative solutions to our customers.

Cabin Management System Solutions

Today, we are excited to bring an exciting new cabin management  upgrade solution to your attention. There will come a point when your aircraft’s cabin management system will no longer be efficient. It will eventually need an upgrade or complete overhaul, but what happens when the only solutions available through the OEM are expensive and cause the aircraft incur too much downtime?

Enter SkyTheater® and Skyservice™

Constantly looking for new ways to help our customers enhance their aircraft cost effectively and efficiently, Skyservice™ and SkyTheater® are proud to announce a new development in cabin management technology that will:

  • Revolutionize your aircraft’s outdated or unserviceable systems
  • Enhance your previously unsupported or poorly supported system and modernize the existing technology
  • Leave your current cabin system infrastructure 90% intact
  • Connect your cabin management system to your personal devices and control the system from the touch of a button (and will be compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android devices

Gone are the days of archaic systems, months of downtime or millions of dollars spent on repairs. If you are looking to bring your outdated cabin management system into the 21st century but are seeking a more affordable and efficient system than what your OEM can offer you, this is the solution that you have been looking for.

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