Industry Expert Spotlight – Meet Glenn Williams, Director BA Business Development & Sales, Skyservice™

Industry Expert Spotlight – Meet Glenn Williams, Director BA Business Development & Sales, Skyservice™

For 30 years, Skyservice™ has led the business aviation industry through impeccable service, innovative product offerings and convenient aircraft options, but most importantly, Skyservice™ has lead with its people. With more than 550 employees across Canada, Skyservice™ has an incredibly diverse team of aviation enthusiasts and experts who are devoted to ensuring that their customers have the ultimate experience both in the air and on the ground, every time they engage with Skyservice™.

Over the next year, we will continue to showcase aviation experts who are changing the way we do business in Canada. At Skyservice™ and beyond, through strong leadership, innovative thinking, extraordinary experiences and groundbreaking product development, we are excited to share this journey with you.


Glenn Williams - Director of Maintenance - SkyserviceGlenn Williams, the Director BA Business Development & Sales at Skyservice, has been a part of the team for two years and he has been an integral part of the aviation industry in Canada for over 30.  Starting his career grooming aircraft at a company that he founded, Glenn currently directs all Maintenance activity for Skyservice™ across Canada. Stating that his job is made easy by his team of incredible managers, Glenn leads with the Excellence and experience that allows his team, and Skyservice™ in turn, to thrive.


Leading the charge for the ever-growing Maintenance division at Skyservice™ for the past two years has pushed Glenn Williams to think bigger, try harder and take more risks. “My job is constantly evolving and changing. Between staying on top of new regulatory requirements and managing the quality assurance department – audits, SMS, human resources, growing the team and customer service – there is no shortage of work to be done,” Glenn tells us. Since Glenn’s arrival at Skyservice™ a little over two years ago, the Maintenance division has grown exponentially. In the time since Glenn has joined the team, Skyservice™ has expanded the Aircraft Service Facility (ASF) with Bombardier and added on an Aircraft Warranty Facility (AWF) with Gulfstream, all in an effort to better support our clients.

Glenn wasn’t always managing such a large and diverse portfolio of work. Coming from an aviation family, Glenn’s father was a private pilot and his oldest brother is an AME. He had plans to become a tool and die maker, but was persuaded into aviation. Founding and running a successful aircraft grooming company led him to apprenticeships with various aircraft companies, where he quickly advanced to Engineer and eventually Director of Maintenance and VP of Technical Services. As he grew each business, his role grew as well.


Working long hours often seven days in a row, Glenn was dedicated to his career. It wasn’t until the death of a close friend that he decided to reprioritize and work towards a better work/life balance. His goal was to be both personally and professionally satisfied, and Skyservice™ has offered him that and more. “When I sat back and started to evaluate what I really wanted in life, family and job satisfaction came first. It is so important to me to be true to myself, my team, my customers and Skyservice’s longstanding history of Excellence in the industry (from both a customer and employee perspective). This proved to me that joining Skyservice™ was the change I needed to make”.

Glenn believes in constant self-improvement and education, and he states that “reputation is everything” whether it is personal or corporate. The reputation that Skyservice™ has for service, customer and employee satisfaction, innovation and transparency drew him in and he has not looked back. “We all strive to have a good personal reputation and we bring it into work every day, which then translates to a strong corporate reputation. I wanted to be a part of a company that leads through innovation and integrity while also treating the employees like family – with respect and reward.” This is why he was so drawn to Skyservice™ – each of the 600+ employees are passionate about aviation, know the business inside and out and most importantly, senior leadership wants to see the people and the business grow. There is an incredible amount of support for taking risks and trying new things. Glenn regards this attitude towards growth and employee engagement to be the key to success. If there is support from upper management and reward for work and effort, everyone is more likely to want to come into work each day with their best foot forward, translating to happy and satisfied clients.


As an established member of the Canadian aviation community and a leader at Skyservice™, Glenn Williams enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences by mentoring young AME’s. Sharing in Skyservice’s culture of growth and change, he takes great pride in working with them and helping them move up through the ranks while exceeding their own expectations. Thirty years in aviation maintenance have afforded him the skill of identifying their strengths and weakness, and he works with them to hone in on what makes them tick and flourish. When asked what one piece of advice he would give to a new hire, he instantly responds “Never give up. Ultimately the airplane needs to fly and it needs to be safe. Do whatever it takes, try whatever you need to and ask for help whenever you need to ask – it needs to be safely in the air and it’s our job to get it there.” Working with the right people and being confident with the dealerships, partnerships and tools will ensure that this happens on each and every job.

A passionate and honest leader, Glenn leads Canada’s leading aircraft Maintenance company with Excellence.

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