Industry Expert Spotlight – Meet Eric Gabriel, Manager of Maintenance, Skyservice™ YYC

Industry Expert Spotlight – Meet Eric Gabriel, Manager of Maintenance, Skyservice™ YYC

For 30 years, Skyservice™ has led the business aviation industry through impeccable service, innovative product offerings and convenient aircraft options, but most importantly, Skyservice™ has lead with its people. With more than 550 employees across Canada, Skyservice™ has an incredibly diverse team of aviation enthusiasts and experts who are devoted to ensuring that their customers have the ultimate experience both in the air and on the ground, every time they engage with Skyservice™.

Over the next year, we will be showcasing aviation experts who are changing the way we do business in Canada. At Skyservice™ and beyond, through strong leadership, innovative thinking, extraordinary experiences and groundbreaking product development, we are excited to begin this journey with you.


Eric Gabriel, the Manager of Maintenance at Skyservice’s Western Canada division, has been a key leader in the aviation industry for over 15 years. He has been with Skyservice™ for nine (managing for four), managing a team of more than 30 Engineers, Coordinators, Technicians and support staff. Eric oversees maintenance for Skyservice™ YYC’s corporate fleet (13 airplanes strong), four tenant aircraft, avionics department and the commercial aircraft division. Over the years, Eric has learned to balance employee and client satisfaction to ensure excellence in aviation, always.


Eric has always had a passion for aviation. As a young child, he was originally interested in becoming a helicopter pilot but found his passion maintaining fixed wing aircraft. Over the years, he took his passion for aviation and turned it into a career. Working in different capacities in the Regional Airline business, Eric learned the trade from some the most experienced engineers and quickly proved himself to be a reputable engineer. Through his hard work and dedication to excellence, Eric was quickly promoted to Director of Maintenance. After a few years, Eric decided to shift his focus towards corporate aviation, specifically Skyservice™, where he could be a part of a stronger team and reputable company with a bigger vision.

“I have high expectations for myself and for my team. I expect us all to perform at above-average levels so that we can consistently exceed our customers’ expectations,” Eric says. Whether Eric and his team are informing a client of upcoming necessary upgrades, managing a current inspection or working on budgetary planning, they make it their goal to exceed expectations. He credits this proactive behavior to the strong relationships that the Western Canada maintenance team has with their clients. They have built long-lasting and trusting relationships built on the foundation of honesty, hard work and above-average delivery.


Working his way from engineer to manager of the department, Eric has been able to gain an interesting perspective when it comes to management. Recognizing that good performance comes from strong leadership, he has learned to create a culture of a positive work environment through empowerment and teamwork. Leading the team with the ideals of autonomy, confidence building and support, he ensures that his team feels secure in their abilities to do their job well. “I give them the room to get their jobs done the way that works best for them. I make sure that everyone understands the role they play and the impact they make to ensure they have the tools needed to be successful”. Ensuring that his team is adequately supported at work as well as offering the appropriate work/life balance ensures that the team performs at a consistent high level, which of course flows through to the overall customer experience.


Managing the maintenance team and operations at Skyservice’s Calgary base has its challenges. However, despite the heavy workload and logistical challenges, Eric and his experienced team have overcome the complications by hyper-focusing on the day to day priorities while balancing the needs of the business. “My number one priority is to ensure that my team is supported so that they can provide the best possible service for our clients. This affords me the opportunity to be flexible and multi-task. I can focus on the client service experience, which includes supporting sales, improving the overall functionality of our base and working with the other leaders to ensure continued improvements.”


“Our team is without a doubt the number one reason why I come to work day after day – we have the most agile, knowledgeable team in the business and they make my job feel easy. They push me to try new things and be better”. This team’s dedication and passion is what helps Skyservice™ stand out from the crowd, day in and day out. “We just offer so much more than our competitors; our agility and diversity is impressive. Whether it’s line maintenance, heavy maintenance, avionics, or off-site global maintenance support we provide first class service,” Eric states with pride.

Passionate about the business and his team, there is no doubt that Eric Gabriel and Skyservice™ will continue to lead with Excellence.



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