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For 30 years, Skyservice™ has led the business aviation industry through impeccable service, innovative product offerings and convenient aircraft options, but most importantly, Skyservice™ has lead with its people. With more than 550 employees across Canada, Skyservice™ has an incredibly diverse team of aviation enthusiasts and experts who are devoted to ensuring that their customers have the ultimate experience both in the air and on the ground, every time they engage with Skyservice™.

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Revised Francois PicFrançois Casault, the Manager of Maintenance at the Skyservice™ Montreal (YUL) base, has been a part of the Skyservice™ team for over 18 years (managing the department for four). Starting on the floor as a mechanic working his way up through the ranks to Manager, François has worn many hats over the years. From sheet metal worker at Bombardier to mechanic, maintenance coordinator, QA inspector and Supervisor at Skyservice™, he prides his ability to lead with Excellence to his incredible diversity and well-rounded knowledge of the business.

François Casault has been a fixture in the Canadian Business Aviation community for almost two decades. If you ask anyone in the industry about him, they will smile and talk about what a great guy and hard worker he is. Before joining the aviation community, prior to even entering university, François was unsure of what direction to take with his education and career. Knowing that he wanted to be involved in engineering and mechanics in some capacity, he had not yet decided which avenue to explore. Thinking about his passions, he knew that even as a child he was amazed by aircraft. After hearing about aviation school from a friend, curiosity took over and he went on a tour of a hangar. Seeing the aircraft up close and so accessible took him back to his youth and he was hooked. It was a natural fit for François, and an obvious choice. “The moment I stepped in and saw the planes, I knew it was for me.”

Today, almost 20 years later, François is the Manager of Maintenance (YUL) at Canada’s busiest aviation maintenance company, and he has his finger on the pulse of both the industry and his team. He manages the YUL base’s maintenance operations, including Avionics, shops and production floor, managed and regional aircraft, transient and off-base work. He also manages more than 25 engineers, coordinators, support staff and technicians. “I have performed many of the roles so I understand their challenges. I know how many of the departments work, so it helps me work with them.” François tells us.

François states that one of the aspects of his role that he enjoys most is working with his team; “It’s a cliché but the people make a difference. We are a team and we work together towards a common goal. At the end we meet or exceed our objective, we can be proud together” François says. It is this team-oriented attitude that has helped the Montreal maintenance team achieve as much as they have. He works with his team to constantly improve, and as someone who has been with the company for 18 years, he sees the difference that this effort has made. “There is a lot more to be done and we will continue to improve efficiencies and surpass customers’ expectations. Looking at where we have come from to where we are now is simply incredible”.

François takes his role as the leader of the team very seriously. He recognizes that a lot is riding on his decisions and leadership. “They depend on me. I want to make sure we do well so that the team can go home satisfied each night. What we do not only improves the company, but it also gives people job satisfaction.”

Skyservice™ is a large company, by private Canadian aviation business standards. With over 550 employees, it impressive that Skyservice™ has maintained such a flexible “turn on a dime” attitude that you would normally find in a much smaller company. “For a fairly large business, we are very adaptable. We are proactive in assessing our customers’ needs, and quick to react when necessary. Even though we have grown quite a bit, we have maintained our ability to adapt and be agile, and that is what sets us apart from our competitors”, François tells us. He goes on to say that Skyservice™ touches all aspects of aviation – “We are involved in most aspects of aviation and it creates a synergy throughout the business that feeds off of each other and opens the door to a cohesive operation.”

Flexible, agile and a beacon of positivity, it is no surprise that François leads with Excellence. There is a bright future ahead of him, filled with innovation.

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