Challenger 300

The Challenger 300 super mid-size corporate jet is a sophisticated high performance business jet developed by Bombardier to satisfy customer needs unmet by any other aircraft in its class. Featuring the space and amenities typically found only in large cabin aircraft, the Challenger 300 can easily take passengers to destinations in North America and the Caribbean non-stop in ultimate comfort. Aircraft feature include: enclosed lavatory, full galley, divan to bed configuration, AirShow™.

Challenger 300 Super Mid Sized Jet for charter

Aircraft Specifications

Type: Super-mid jet
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Cabin height: 6.08 feet
Seating: 9 passengers
Max range: 3,569 statute miles
Max cruise speed: 541mph

Estimated flight-times from Montreal to:

  • Miami: 3h 00m
  • Chicago: 2h 00m
  • Vancouver: 4h 50m
  • Grand Cayman: 4h 00m
  • Costa Rica: 6h 00m

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