Citation Excel

The Citation Excel business jet offers travellers the performance and versatility of a large jet within the mid-size jet category. The wide-body interior and numerous large windows give the cabin a spacious feel. Offering exceptional comfort and value, the Excel is a popular choice for many business travellers. Aircraft features include: enclosed lavatory, refreshment centre, pull-out work tables.

Aircraft Specifications

Type: Mid Cabin jet
Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft
Cabin height: 5.7 feet
Seating: 7-8 passengers
Max range: 1,850 statute miles
Max cruise speed: 430mph

Estimated flight-times from Windsor to:

  • Montreal: 1h 14m
  • Miami: 2h 40m
  • Dallas: 2h 36m
  • Nassau: 2h 48m
  • Halifax: 3h 06m

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