Citation V

The Citation V is one of the most popular light jets in business aviation. It is the favorite of many business travellers due to its cabin comfort, performance, and reliability. For short trips it is an ideal choice. The Citation V has an external baggage capacity of 46 cubic feet and an internal capacity of 28 cubic feet. In other words, this private jet can haul about seven suitcases and three golf bags, depending on the specific jet configuration and amount of passengers. In short, the Citation V virtues are comfort, performance, and reliability. It comes as no surprise that it is consistently chosen over other private jets in its class.

Aircraft Specifications

Type: Light Jet
Manufacturer: Cessna
Cabin Height: 4.8 feet
Seating: 7 - 8 Passengers
Max Range: 1,960 statute miles
Max Cruise Speed: 495 mph

Estimated flight-times from Toronto to:

  • Montreal: 0h 52m
  • New York: 1h 10m
  • Halifax: 1h 49m
  • Chicago: 1h 34m
  • Miami: 3h 03m

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