The Cessna Citation CJ4 light jet has the speed, range, cabin size and versatility to get you to your
destination comfortably and at a reasonable price. With a technologically-advanced cabin system
(Venue™ Cabin Management System) combined with an upgraded and spacious interior for extra
added comfort and convenience, this incredible aircraft boasts great value for its size.
AIRCRAFT FEATURES: Lavatory and entertainment system.

Aircraft Specifications

Manufacturer: Cessna
Cabin Height: 4’10”
Seating Capacity: 9 Passengers
Max Range: 1,900 nm
Max Cruise Speed: 450 knots

Estimated flight-times from Calgary to:

  • Yellowknife: 2h 1m
  • Vancouver; 1h 4m
  • Scottsdale: 3h
  • Los Angeles: 3h

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