Global 6000

Cruising majestically through the sky, the Global 6000 aircraft is the performance benchmark in the ultra-long-range jet category. This jet was purposely-built to fulfill the desires of the most sophisticated and demanding business travelers without compromise. With a cabin responsive to customer needs, the Global 6000 aircraft offers the ultimate in spaciousness, privacy, luxury and comfort.

Aircraft features include: spacious cabin with a complete kitchen, fully berthable seats options that recline flat to create beds, 2 divan double bed and 2 single beds, WiFi, entertainment system, front and rear washrooms.

Aircraft Specifications

Type: Ultra long range jet Manufacturer: Bombardier Cabin height: 6.25 feet Seating: 12 passengers Max range: 6,905 statute miles Max cruise speed: 590mph

Estimated flight-times from Montreal to:

  • London: 6h 39m
  • Moscow: 8h 45m
  • Frankfurt: 7h 23m
  • Dakar: 7h 28m
  • Sao Paolo: 9h 35m

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