Global 6000 / XRS

The most accomplished and luxurious business jet ever brought to market, the Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft was created to accommodate the needs of the most sophisticated and discerning travelers. Uncompromising throughout, from the superiority of its leading edge flight deck environment, to the sheer tranquility of its aft stateroom, the Global 6000 is the ultimate all-around performance business jet, designed to keep the world in the palm of your hand.
Aircraft features include: spacious cabin with a well-appointed aft stateroom and its own adjoining amenities, full galley kitchen, divan to full bed configuration, entertainment system, front and rear washrooms, Air Show.™

Global 6000 XRS Jet for charter

Aircraft Specifications

TYPE: Ultra Long Range Jet
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Cabin Height : 6.25 feet
Seating: 12 Passengers
Max Range: 6,905 statute miles
Max Cruise Speed: 564 mph

Estimated flight-times from TORONTO to:

  • Sao Paulo 9h 10min
  • Istanbul 9h
  • Moscow 8h 23min
  • Honolulu 9h
  • Santiago 9h 41min

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