Gulfstream G200

The Gulfstream G200 includes a newly designed long, sleek wing with above-class engine performance, thus increasing its speed and range. The G200 has earned best-in-class fuel efficiency. Safety is well represented within this aircraft, with systems such as auto-braking and enhanced navigational equipment. Gulfstream’s signature of passenger comfort is largely evident, with a quiet, large cabin that buyers expect from this manufacturer. Features include entertainment system (TV/DVD), full galley with microwave, enclosed lavatory, WI-FI and AirShow™.

Aircraft Specifications

Type: Super-mid jet
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Cabin height: 6.3 feet
Seating: 10 passengers
Max range: 2,959 statute miles
Max cruise speed: 540mph

Estimated flight-times from Toronto to:

  • Montreal: 0h 50m
  • Calgary: 3h 52m
  • New York: 1h 07m
  • Miami: 2h 44m
  • Los Angeles: 4h 57m

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