King Air 200

The King Air B200 has excellent range capabilities, the ability to fly into some of the smallest airports, and has lower operational costs. These features make this aircraft the most popular and versatile twin engine turboprop for charter operations worldwide. The standard King Air B200 features seating for up to eight passengers and is a pressurized aircraft. These features make this the aircraft of choice for small trips.

King Air 200 Turboprop for charter

Aircraft Specifications

Manufacturer: Hawker Beechcraft
Cabin Height: 4.9 ft
Seating Capacity: 8 Passengers
Max Range: 1,775 statute miles
Max Cruise Speed: 290 mph

Estimated flight-times from TORONTO to:

  • Chicago: 1h 55min
  • New York: 1h 20min
  • Thunder Bay: 2h 20min
  • Halifax: 2h 45min

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