Learjet 75

The Bombardier Learjet 75 has one of the smoothest rides in its super light jet category. The only flat floor cabin with an eight passenger double-club configuration, the Learjet 75 can accomodate any type of business or personal travel comfortably and spaciously. Fuel efficient and fast, this light jet will take you to your destination quickly and safely.
Aircraft features include: Double club seating for 8 passengers,enclosed lavatory, galley.

Aircraft Specifications

Type: Learjet 75
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Cabin Height: 4.11 feet
Seating: 8 Passengers
Max Range: 2347.5 statute miles
Max Cruise Speed: 0.75M

Estimated flight-times from Montreal to:

  • Miami: 3h 5min
  • Bermuda: 2h 15min
  • St. Johns: 2h 10min
  • Chicago: 2h 10min

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