Private Jet Charter FAQ’s

Question: I am interested in more information about chartering a private jet with Skyservice™, what do I do?

Answer: Call us today at 1.866.759.4132 and speak to one of our dedicated private jet charter experts. You may also request a quote online HERE.


Question: Is it safe to fly on a private jet, compared to a commercial jet?

Answer: Skyservice™ has one of the most comprehensive safety management systems in the Canadian business aviation industry and is ranked as one of the safest operators in the world. Please feel free to read through our Safety and Privacy commitment for more information.


Question: What types of costs are usually included in a private jet charter quote? How do I find out more about private jet charter rates?

Answer: Skyservice™ provides all-inclusive pricing when we quote a charter. We include all expected expenses, fees and taxes. Additional expenses that may be billed after the trip is completed might include: changes to itinerary or flight times, catering or ground transportation if requested, de-icing and hangar fees. Our flight coordinators and charter experts will always be upfront about any additional charges that may incur so that there are no surprises when you receive your invoice.


Question: Can Skyservice meet a specific budget for our travel requirements?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Please call us at 1.866.759.4132 to speak directly with a charter expert who can accommodate your needs.


Question: How quickly can Skyservice™ arrange a trip?

Answer: Very quickly. We only require a 2 hour window from the time you confirm your flight to make the arrangements necessary to have you on your way to anywhere in the world.


Question: We need to travel to the United States but do not have the appropriate Visa documentation. Can we still travel?

Answer: Skyservice™ is part of the Visa Waiver Program. You do not necessarily require a visa to travel to the US when flying on one of our private jets. Please contact us for more information.


Question: Where are your FBOs located?

Answer: Skyservice™ has 4 full-service FBOs in Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Please click HERE for more information on our FBOs.


Question: What catering options are available to me during my charter? Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

Answer: Skyservice offers any type of catering you wish, and we can customize the order however you would prefer.


Question: I need to arrange ground transportation and hotel accommodations in different countries and locations, can you help me with this?

Answer: Skyservice has a preferred network of suppliers around the world and we would be happy to assist with all of your travel arrangements to ensure that they meet your quality standards and budget.


Question: How early should I arrive for my private jet charter?

Answer: You can arrive any time that you are ready to go. One of the benefits of chartering a private jet is that you avoid the hassle of security line-ups, crowded lounges and busy airports – you can simply drive up to your aircraft and board when ready to take off.


Question: Do I require a passport to travel?

Answer: If you are travelling within Canada, no – standard government-issued photo identification will suffice. If you are travelling to an international destination (including the United States), yes, a passport is required.

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    “ We recently had Skyservice complete our 96 month inspection and Proline 21 upgrade on our Challenger 605. The quality of service, depth of experience and overall performance resulted in a completion that was on time and on budget, we are very pleased with the work Skyservice performed and we would highly recommend them” Guy Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemail
    Please consider it an utmost compliment to your entire organization, when your customer continues  to call you first for assistance. As always we sincerely appreciate all that you do.   Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Corporate Aircraft Client
    I have told our DOM and VP of maintenance that we need to keep the Skyservice team at the top of our list of options whenever we find ourselves in need in the future. On attitude and demeanor alone you get high marks but your professionalism and follow through have been equally impressive. Thank you again, this customer in particular is very important to us and this was his first trip in his new aircraft so it was important for us to deliver. Thank you for being the biggest part of that solution!. Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Aircraft Maintenance Customer
    Thank you Skyservice™, The key to the successful and timely completion of the conformity and testing was due to the efforts of you and your staff. I would have approached the conformity and testing of five separate installations with much trepidation had it not been for the confidence that everything was operating correctly, and that was due in large part to you and your crew. The words “knowledge, experience, professionalism, dedication” in your e-mail would easily summarize my opinion of the Skyservice staff. I look forward to more successful projects together in the future.   Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Aircraft Maintenance Customer

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