Skyservice’s Commitment to Safety, Security & Privacy

Skyservice is committed to providing the highest levels of aviation safety, security and privacy to our customers and employees at all times.

We are proud to be audited and ranked ARG/US Platinum.

Skyservice currently manages the largest, most diverse fleet of aircraft in Canada and we guarantee an unmatched commitment to the safety, security and privacy of our customers.

Skyservice has been recognized as having an exceptional aviation safety record since 1986. With highly skilled maintenance crews available on demand at each of our facilities in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, a two-pilot crew (minimum) assigned to each managed aircraft in our fleet and a stringent safety management system (SMS), you can guarantee that you are good hands.

These exceptional aviation safety standards and records have positioned Skyservice as the leader in the Canadian business aviation industry and we are proud to have been awarded the coveted Platinum rating by the Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US), which is North America’s most stringent rating for operational safety.

Skyservice’s  Safety Management System (SMS)

Skyservice has one of the most comprehensive safety systems in the industry. Our internal Safety Management System (SMS) provides Skyservice with the ability to identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, mitigate risks and continuously improve our flight programs while developing a safety-conscious and proactive safety culture.

The accountable executive, executive team, management and employees are all equally committed to supporting, developing on and continuously improving on our safety management system and upholding the highest safety standard in Canadian business aviation. We aim to plan for ultimate safety by identifying and minimizing safety risks wherever possible; our objective is to continuously review, analyze and improve on our business to minimize all risks. This is managed daily by the SMS that covers all phases of operations, including Flight Operations, Maintenance, FBO Services and Security.

Skyservice will manage safety by:

  • Making safety the highest priority, always.
  • Developing business initiatives that comply with and reinforce our safety policy.
  • Complying with regulatory standards and company policies.
  • Maintaining aircraft and equipment to the highest standards set for in the CARs and in manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Providing exceptional training to all employees.
  • Communicating safety information, goals and objectives to promote a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Implementing an efficient and non-punitive safety reporting system and providing feedback to employees.
  • Identifying and assessing all risk, implementing and evaluating risk mitigation strategies.
  • Meeting regularly to review, analyze and continuously improve our safety objectives and management system.

The full and dedicated support of each and every Skyservice team member is required to maintain this shared commitment. All employees are encouraged regularly to think proactively about safety and are encouraged to bring forward any ideas and participate in the risk management process. Senior management reviews this policy annually as part of their commitment to support the SMS and its continuous improvement.

Exclusive for Every Aircraft

Skyservice has an exclusive crew for each private aircraft. Each of the private jets under the Skyservice operating certificate maintains a minimum of 2 pilots that are solely responsible for flying their designated aircraft. This enhances safety by ensuring pilots become familiar with one aircraft, our crews are not over-worked and our private jet charter customers receive a higher level of service by always having the same pilots fly them on their preferred aircraft.

Your Privacy is our Priority

Skyservice is committed to maintaining your privacy. To ensure ultimate privacy throughout your experience with Skyservice:

  • We will only share necessary client information with third parties when it is required for operational purposes;
  • All aircraft operated by Skyservice are blocked from tracking programs that are available to the public.

For more information on Skyservice’s dedication to passenger safety, security and privacy, please contact us at: 1.866.759.4132.

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  • Testimonials

    “ We recently had Skyservice complete our 96 month inspection and Proline 21 upgrade on our Challenger 605. The quality of service, depth of experience and overall performance resulted in a completion that was on time and on budget, we are very pleased with the work Skyservice performed and we would highly recommend them” Guy Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemail
    Please consider it an utmost compliment to your entire organization, when your customer continues  to call you first for assistance. As always we sincerely appreciate all that you do.   Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Corporate Aircraft Client
    I have told our DOM and VP of maintenance that we need to keep the Skyservice team at the top of our list of options whenever we find ourselves in need in the future. On attitude and demeanor alone you get high marks but your professionalism and follow through have been equally impressive. Thank you again, this customer in particular is very important to us and this was his first trip in his new aircraft so it was important for us to deliver. Thank you for being the biggest part of that solution!. Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Aircraft Maintenance Customer
    Thank you Skyservice™, The key to the successful and timely completion of the conformity and testing was due to the efforts of you and your staff. I would have approached the conformity and testing of five separate installations with much trepidation had it not been for the confidence that everything was operating correctly, and that was due in large part to you and your crew. The words “knowledge, experience, professionalism, dedication” in your e-mail would easily summarize my opinion of the Skyservice staff. I look forward to more successful projects together in the future.   Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Aircraft Maintenance Customer

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