Top 5 Travel Apps

Top 5 Travel Apps

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s an App for everything” and rightfully so, as there really is an app for just about anything. So many apps, so little time, here at Skyservice we have created the ultimate shortlist of our top 5 travel apps to help make your travels more memorable and enjoyable. We all love to travel, meet new people and see new places, but we can all agree that travelling can be daunting and sometimes leaves us feeling anxious and out of our element. When you charter a private jet all your essential travel requirements are taken care of, you can rest assured knowing everything is looked after from the moment you board your private jet, to the moment you depart. However, what happens when you have reached your destination and your vacation really begins? Below are our top 5 travel apps to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Top 5 Best Travel Apps

 Travel List
• Create a travel list using preset categories, such as clothes, toiletries, travel documents and so much more.
• This app enables the user to identify items that they’ve already packed, and only see items they haven’t packed. You can set a reminder to pack last minute items so that you don’t leave home without them.

Available on iPhone and iPad

Google Translate
• Translate up to 90 languages using your voice, camera, keyboard or handwriting.
• Converse naturally and let Google translate.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android

XE Currency
• This is a great app which uses live currency rates, which are 100% accurate. This app is a must!

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

Travel Safe
• This app offers crucial information at the touch of a button for every country around the world                                                                                      •Should you get in a pickle and need to call emergency services, or your embassy, you will have the numbers you need right there and then
• The majority of the functions don’t need any internet connection, but there is a difference between the free LITE version and the paid for PRO version

Available on Android

Weather Pro
• With detailed weather reports for over 2 million geographical locations, this weather app is definitely worth downloading. Known for its detail and accuracy, you do not want to leave your hotel room without checking.

Available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

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