Gulfstream 200-1

Gulfstream 200-1

The Gulfstream G200-1 includes a newly designed long, sleek wing with above-average engine performance, increasing its overall speed, range and versatility. The G200 carries a well-deserved title as “best-in-class” for fuel efficiency. Safety comes first with this aircraft. It includes systems like auto-braking as well as enhanced navigational avionics and equipment. Gulfstream is recognized globally for its passenger comfort. This can be experienced first-hand in the quiet large cabin and through the abundance of features that most aircrafts in this class do not include.

AIRCRAFT FEATURES: Seats up to 10 passengers with enclosed lavatory, galley kitchen, in-flight Wi-Fi, wide seats with swivel and recline options, and in-flight status information powered by the Airshow® moving maps system.




Type: Super Mid-Size
Manufacturer: Gulfstream
Cabin Height: 6' 3"/ 1.6 m
Max Cruise Speed: 540 mph / 870 kph
Max Range: 3,400 NM