The Biggest Benefits of Private Jet Travel

As demand for business and holiday travel opportunities continue to grow, let’s reexamine the benefits of private plane travel compared to commercial flights. While first-class and business travel are considered luxuries and offer certain advantages, private jet travel provides benefits that far outweigh those of commercial airlines.

When convenience and supporting travelers’ health are top priorities, private planes are superior, whether flying locally or around the world. Advantages include:

Setting your own schedules for flight departures/arrivals

  • Everything about your flight is built around your preferences and needs
  • Private jets wait for clients who are flying back on the same day, which simplifies arrangements

Increased privacy and avoidance of large crowds

  • For passengers with health concerns, smaller group interactions offer superior peace of mind.
  • Travel plans are handled with discretion at all times

Ease of conducting meetings on board

  • Private planes are easily equipped with all the services and capabilities necessary to conduct business meetings while enroute
  • Passengers enjoy more comfortable seating and increased personal space

Shorter travel times

  • Flying private minimizes the number of hours you spend traveling and maximizes the time at your chosen destination
  • Eliminate the hassle of waiting in long, tedious line-ups at security or customs
  • Private jets can access smaller airports — in locations that are often closer to your final destination — than commercial aircraft

Immediate access to and from the aircraft

  • For travelers with mobility issues, private jet travel offers superior convenience in the boarding and de-boarding process and eliminates the need to traverse long airport terminals

Safe, secure baggage and flexible onboard pet policies

  • Avoid lost or damaged luggage. All baggage is brought directly to and from the private jet to your waiting car
  • Bring pets of all sizes and bulkier items, such as golf clubs, on board

With private jet travel, you’ll enjoy a personalized, tailored experience, with bespoke details regarding catered food options and WiFi/communication services that meet your trip requirements. Skyservice proudly provides luxury private jet travel across the country and around the world. If you’re interested in private jet rental, contact Skyservice for the optimal experience.