Excellence in Aviation – How to Choose a Private Jet Management Partner

Excellence in Aviation – How to Choose a Private Jet Management Partner

You have chosen to purchase an aircraft and now you need help operating it.  Private Jet management companies offer buyers a turnkey solution for flight operations and management. Everything from aircraft operations (privately or commercially) to flight crew recruitment and training to ensuring the highest standard for maintaining and operating your aircraft – our sole focus is to allow you, the owner, to have the opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of aircraft ownership without any of the headaches.

The selection of a private jet management partner is equally as important as selecting the right aircraft. Failure to choose the right partner can result in safety related concerns, operational disappointments and budget overruns. Over the next few months we will guide you through the process of how to choose an aircraft management partner, starting with this feature on Safety and Security.

Safety and Security

The most important factor to consider while choosing a private jet management partner is the company’s safety and security culture and safety record. The management company you select to operate your aircraft should be committed to providing the highest levels of safety and security at all times. How can you know what a company’s safety culture is? This article will guide you through the process of evaluating a company’s safety culture and record to help you determine whether or not their policies align with your own expectations.

1. Safety Management Systems, Processes and Procedures
By definition, a Safety Management System (SMS) is a systemic approach to managing all aspects of safety, including policies, procedures, accountability, organizational structures, and reporting systems.** They are instituted to ensure ultimate safety and security for passengers, employees, flight crews and anyone else involved with the aircraft. A robust SMS process is incredibly important to make note of when researching a Private Jet Management partner.

Skyservice™ has one of the most comprehensive safety management systems in the industry. Our proprietary SMS process, Occurrence Reporting System and safety and quality programs provide us with the ability to identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, mitigate risks and continuously improve our flight programs while developing a safety-conscious and proactive safety culture. We consistently review and revise procedures company-wide to increase efficiencies and elevate the safety of our customers and employees. Every employee at Skyservice™ is equally committed to supporting, developing and continuously improving our safety management system by upholding the highest safety standard in Canadian business aviation. This is managed daily by the SMS and corresponding team that covers all phases of operations, including Flight Operations, Maintenance and FBO Services.

It is imperative to ensure that your private jet management company is continuously reviewing and updating their safety and security features by:

  • Making safety the highest priority, always.
  • Developing business initiatives that comply with and reinforce safety policy.
  • Complying with regulatory standards and company policies.
  • Maintaining aircraft and equipment to the highest standards set for in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS), and within in the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Providing exceptional training to all employees.
  • Communicating safety information, goals and objectives to promote a safe and healthy working environment.
  • Implementing an efficient and non-punitive safety reporting system and providing feedback to employees.
  • Identifying and assessing all risk, implementing and evaluating risk mitigation strategies.
  • Meeting regularly to review, analyse and continuously improve our safety objectives and management system.

2. Accredited Industry Safety Ratings
Having earned an accredited industry safety rating illustrates that the private jet management company is committed to providing you the highest standards in safety. It is one thing to say that a company practices safety and security, but to have the accreditation to prove it is completely different. The industry has set out various stringent protocols that must be adhered to in order to qualify for safety ratings, and some are valued and respected more than others.

For example, Skyservice™ is proud to be ranked ARG/US Platinum, which is North America’s strictest rating for operational safety. Our commitment to the high standards set forth by ARGUS International has contributed to Skyservice™ being recognised as the leader in the Canadian business aviation industry. Skyservice™ has also earned the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations ( IS-BAO) certification, which is a recommended code of best practices designed to help flight departments worldwide achieve high levels of safety and professionalism*.

3. Fully Trained and Dedicated Crew
Owning an aircraft is an extremely personal experience – from purchasing the right aircraft that suits your travel needs to staffing it with a trusted and experienced crew, it is a highly customized experience. A reputable aircraft management company will have a rigorous process for hiring and training a team for your aircraft so that you can feel confident with the crew that is supporting your aircraft and passengers.

At Skyservice™, we have an intense and detail-oriented process set in place to ensure pilots and crews are trained and have the necessary qualifications to be current on their aircraft, keeping our passengers safe and sound. Whenever we hire a new pilot, we immediately request their flight training records. After reviewing the documents (last completed record of training) along with their pilot proficiency checks or pilot competency checks, we ensure that they have valid training in many other areas such as emergency, weather, dangerous goods and night training. There are annual and semi-annual training requirements that all Skyservice™ pilots must participate in, both online and practical. From full motion simulators with preferred vendors to online training modules, we recognise that it is imperative that the crew of your aircraft is not only trained in all situations, but they must also be confident experts.

All Skyservice™ pilots must go through the following annual training and certification:

  • Type-training on the aircraft they are flying
    o 6 day recurrent training course if they are typed on the aircraft or,
    o Minimum 23 day training course to become certified (initial training)
  • All pilots who receive new type certification do a “check ride” with an Approved Check Pilot (ACP) or a Transport Canada approved inspector (and then recurrent testing will occur every two years)
  • Re-train on their type annually, and some aircraft owners and pilots opt for semi-annual training
  • Attend training sessions in full-motion simulators, ground training and online education module to ensure that the crew can experience many different emergency situations first-hand and be trained for any situation that might arise, such as:
    o Inclement weather
    o Firefighting (valid for three years)
    o Water Evacuation (valid for three years)
    o Night take-offs and Landings
    o CPR (valid for three years but we re-certify after two)
    o Dangerous Goods
    o Customer Service
    o Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)
    o Winter weather

4. Cabin Crew Training
Flight attendants are an equally important part of the flight safety experience. As an integral part of the flight operations team, it is imperative that they be trained as per the approved Flight Attendant training program and complete all necessary flight and safety training. At Skyservice™, all flight attendants must have Customer Resource Management training, CPR, customer service, safety, WHIMIS and first aid courses, annual recurrent training, practical procedures training, company indoctrination and surface contamination training. The level of professionalism is apparent from the moment a passenger steps onto the plane until the minute they step off.


At Skyservice™, there is always a high level of safety and the expectation of Excellence. Each aircraft within our private jet management program has its own dedicated flight crew of at least two pilots who are extensively interviewed by our flight operations leaders and the respective aircraft owners. A dedicated team of pilots ensures that our clients can feel safe knowing that their aircraft is being operated by a trusted team of professionals.

As daunting as the search might be for a private jet management company, Skyservice™ understands the magnitude of this decision and we will work with you to address any questions or concerns you might have throughout the process. For more information on Private Jet Management Services, please visit: http://www.skyservice.com/management/

Stay tuned for the next installment of our Aircraft Management series with a focus on FBOs and facilities. From cross-country full-service FBOs to remote operations, we will help you decide what facility options will best serve your needs.


**Reference: http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/safety/Pages/safety-management.aspx
*Reference: https://www.nbaa.org/admin/sms/is-bao/

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