Safeguarding your journey

Safety & security you can trust

Safety & security you can trust
Committed to delivering a consistent world-class level of safety and service to our clients.
Skyservice has one of the most comprehensive safety systems in the industry. Our internal safety management system (SMS) identifies hazards, conducts risk assessments, mitigates risk and continuously improves our flight programs. The system addresses all phases of operations, including flight operations, maintenance, FBO services and security. Our commitment to rigorous safety protocols reflects our corporate culture, which emphasizes a safety-first mindset and proactive safety and service culture.

Skyservice is committed to delivering a consistent world-class level of safety and service to our clients. With an excellent safety record, the reliability of our maintenance and repair work is trusted throughout the world.

Our clients fly with the knowledge that they are traveling with the best. Skyservice conducts independent safety audits annually and our employees regularly participate in state-of- the-art Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training sessions to build upon their skills and introduce the latest safety innovations. At Skyservice, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

We are proud to consecutively be awarded the coveted Platinum rating by the Aviation Research Group/US (ARGUS), North America’s most stringent rating for operational safety, across all Canadian locations. Our U.S. locations are Gold rated by the same agency.

Skyservice’s Safety Management System

This shared commitment has the unwavering support of every Skyservice team member. All employees think proactively about safety and are encouraged to bring forward any ideas and participate in the risk management process. As a corporation, Skyservice reviews our safety policies annually as part of a commitment to support the SMS and its continuous improvement.

Skyservice manages safety by:

  • Making safety the highest priority, always
  • Developing business initiatives that comply with and reinforce our safety policy
  • Complying with regulatory standards and policies
  • Maintaining aircraft and equipment to the standards outlined in the Civil Aviation Regulations and in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Providing exceptional training to all employees
  • Communicating safety information, goals and objectives to promote a safe and healthy working environment
  • Implementing an efficient and non-punitive safety reporting system and providing steady feedback to employees
  • Identifying and assessing risk and implementing and evaluating risk mitigation strategies
  • Meeting regularly to review, analyze and continuously improve our safety objectives and safety management system
Flight Crew

Skyservice appoints a dedicated flight crew for each private aircraft. Private jets that fly under the Skyservice operating certificate must maintain a minimum of two pilots who are solely responsible for flying each designated aircraft. This policy adds an additional degree of safety by ensuring pilots are trained experts in the type of aircraft they fly and that our crews are dependable and well rested. These higher safety measures create peace of mind for our private jet charter clients.