Aircraft Sales

Expertise in aircraft sales

We deliver the strategic, targeted approach that discerning owners require when selling an aircraft. Extensive market research, insider knowledge and a full analysis of your aircraft, including on-site inspections and review of all regulatory filings and maintenance records, help us craft an innovative marketing strategy to bring in the right qualified buyer.

The most interested buyer for your jet may be new to business aviation, live thousands of miles away, or may only plan to search their local market. With Skyservice, your aircraft is marketed to a global audience to secure timely, attractive offers. In addition to generating organic leads from our daily market transactions, we actively promote your listings across a wide range of buyer communication channels, oversee and negotiate offers and provide consistent, customized reporting so you are informed at all stages of the disposition process.

For cross-border transactions, we have the necessary resources and tools available to ensure compliance, such as aircraft importation/exportation procedures, as well as expert legal support and customs consulting. Additionally, our strong operator relationships enable Skyservice to best promote your aircraft for sale and gain access to a much larger pool of potential aircraft for purchase.

Boost the value of your aircraft prior to sale

Much like a home, today’s aircraft can be upgraded to maximize valuations and appeal to more buyers. Clients who list their aircraft for sale often work with us to modernize the interiors. We partner with high-quality craftsmen for all exterior paint applications and interior finishings — including designer upholstery, luxurious leathers, specialty wood veneers, sustainable carpets — to outfit your cabin area to meet your exact specifications.:

The installation or upgrade of avionics equipment is another popular choice that digitizes the cockpit and improves the entertainment and connectivity options for passengers. When it comes to avionics, our qualified technicians consult with you to select the best system for your aircraft and advise on any regulatory mandates that are in place or avionics systems becoming obsolete on your specific aircraft.

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