Consultative and Objective Approach

Anticipating your needs and supplying solutions

At Skyservice, we take a comprehensive approach to supporting our clients throughout their aircraft ownership life cycle by creating value at each touchpoint. For purchasers, we guide  clients through a needs assessment, initial aircraft sourcing, negotiation and purchasing decisions. Our involvement often expands to include aircraft management services where we support daily activities such as flight operations, crew employment, maintenance, and much more. For sellers, we advise on preparing your aircraft for sale and maximizing its value and appeal in the marketplace. With our IADA broker network accreditation, we have access to qualified purchasers globally.
The aviation industry is heavily regulated to ensure aircraft safety, but it is surprisingly unregulated in the area of aircraft sales. Training programs, certification exams and ongoing professional training programs simply do not exist, which mean that anyone can operate as an untrained aircraft broker. Our professional, IADA-certified sales team offer unbiased opinions and consultative advice that adds value to every aircraft purchase and disposition.

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