Advantage No. 4

Offset your costs with Skyservice Charter

Add your aircraft to the Skyservice Charter program and gain opportunities to recoup some of the associative costs of aircraft ownership. As a Skyservice managed aircraft member, your client solutions executive (CSE) will consult with you to create a charter flight program tailored to your goals. We create programs that balance your flight activity to the availability of your pilots and your desired level of charter activity.

Our charter client base is comprised of our top clients, most of whom are business leaders who own their own jets. Charter members also enjoy priority access to book a charter aircraft from our full fleet of options. In the event your aircraft is undergoing maintenance or if you require a larger aircraft to accommodate a bigger group, our team of charter professionals can find and arrange the ideal private jet to match your needs and your timetable.

Owners as well as charter guests gain access to our private jet centers, which are purpose-built to create individualized, relaxing, and enjoyable travel experiences. When you arrive at one of our private jet centers, you are personally greeted and catered to by our FBO staff, each of whom is trained under the Rolls-Royce method for customer service. Guests can relax in our private lounges, utilize our private boardrooms to conduct business on-site or enjoy complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi.

Skyservice can personalize and optimize your travel experience. Our professional team is available 24/7 to help plan your trip and ensure every detail is perfectly executed. We specialize in round trip charter, one-way charter and empty leg charter for aircraft owners, repeat charter clients and one-time screened charter clients. With Skyservice,  you'll depart and arrive on time, your onboard amenities will be arranged, requested ground transportation will be waiting, and you’ll be treated with VIP-level hospitality.

Apex members may choose to opt in or out of the charter program. For Velocity members, we require a minimum of 100 charter flight hours to participate. We work with you to perfectly balance your charter hours with the goal of retaining optimal value for your asset.