Advantage No. 6

Our proactive approach to maintenance

Our ability to provide extensive OEM-certified maintenance services on-site at our FBO locations* offers significant upside to our clients. With Skyservice, you don’t need to relocate or fly your aircraft to a distant location for repair. The risk of additional wear and tear due to maintenance–related travel is eliminated. And best of all, you gain more flight-ready days by reducing the number of out-of-service days you may have incurred previously for maintenance travel.

Additional value-added services include our specialized non-destructive testing (NDT) facilities and Level III-certified technicians, as well as our on-site parts store stocked with $2.5 million of aircraft parts, including the most common and hard-to-locate parts. Velocity members can request this level of oversight and access to our maintenance operations center.*

Vendor Management

Our managed services programs take on the vendor management and oversight roles for the extensive group of third-party vendors involved with your day-to-day aircraft operations. We handle the fuel vendors, the pilot and crew training and safety programs, interior upgrades and cabin overhauls, certifications, insurance and correspondence with your aircraft OEM on warranty and repair events, and much more.

*where available