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Since November 1st, 2016, Skyservice™ has began operating the Esso Avitat in Ottawa, Ontario as a Skyservice™ FBO. Previously operated by JPD Aviation, Skyservice™ looks forward to providing customers with the same level of support and quality of service that JPD Aviation has provided their customers with over the past 25 years. “On behalf of Skyservice™, we would like to welcome the Ottawa team to the Skyservice™ network of FBOs.

Skyservice Ottawa
350 Comet Private
Ottawa, ON K1V 9B4

Unicom: 129.85
Telephone: 613 739 3776
Email: yowcsr@skyservice.com
Fax: 613 739 5953

FBO Services:

  • Jet A1
  • Oxygen
  • Lavatory Services
  • Hangar: up to & including G3
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Oil
  • 3rd Party De-Icing
  • Coffee/Ice
  • Catering

Passenger Services:

  • Pilot lounge with satellite t.v. and a pool table
  • Weather room
  • Complimentary wireless internet

For more Information visit: http://www.avitatottawa.com/

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  • Testimonials

    “ We recently had Skyservice complete our 96 month inspection and Proline 21 upgrade on our Challenger 605. The quality of service, depth of experience and overall performance resulted in a completion that was on time and on budget, we are very pleased with the work Skyservice performed and we would highly recommend them” Guy Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemail
    Please consider it an utmost compliment to your entire organization, when your customer continues  to call you first for assistance. As always we sincerely appreciate all that you do.   Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Corporate Aircraft Client
    I have told our DOM and VP of maintenance that we need to keep the Skyservice team at the top of our list of options whenever we find ourselves in need in the future. On attitude and demeanor alone you get high marks but your professionalism and follow through have been equally impressive. Thank you again, this customer in particular is very important to us and this was his first trip in his new aircraft so it was important for us to deliver. Thank you for being the biggest part of that solution!. Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Aircraft Maintenance Customer
    Thank you Skyservice™, The key to the successful and timely completion of the conformity and testing was due to the efforts of you and your staff. I would have approached the conformity and testing of five separate installations with much trepidation had it not been for the confidence that everything was operating correctly, and that was due in large part to you and your crew. The words “knowledge, experience, professionalism, dedication” in your e-mail would easily summarize my opinion of the Skyservice staff. I look forward to more successful projects together in the future.   Share this on: FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+StumbleUponPinterestemailAnonymous Aircraft Maintenance Customer

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