Falcon 900/900 EX

The Dassault Falcon 900 was developed from the Falcon 50 and incorporates substantial updates. Most notably is the spacious stand-up cabin, wider, longer and taller than its predecessor that will accommodate 12 passengers in executive club seating and still provide ample room to walk around the cabin. Made of composite materials with improved engines the Falcon 900/900 EX also has increased range making it a valuable business tool for busy executives requiring transoceanic and transcontinental flight profiles. Aircraft features include: enclosed lavatory, refreshment centre, pull out work tables and AirShow™.

Aircraft Specifications

Type: Heavy jet
Manufacturer: Dassault
Cabin height: 6.00 feet
Seating: 12 passengers
Max range: 4,025 statute miles
Max cruise speed: 570mph

Estimated flight-times from Calgary to:

  • Maui: 6h 30m
  • Toronto: 3h 37m
  • Caracas: 7h 41m
  • Miami: 5h 16m
  • Las Vegas: 2h 20m

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