Beyond First Class: Untap the Attraction of Air Charter Services

Some travelers may believe that first-class is the most luxurious and more convenient way to travel when flying. But in reality, even with a first-class seat, you might still have to face delays, flight cancellations, and packed airports. Air charter services, on the other hand, ensure you enjoy a travel experience that goes far beyond first class.


What Are Air Charter Services?

A charter flight is one that is specially organized for you. It lets you rent an entire aircraft, set the departure time, customize all onboard meals and refreshments, and travel with a group of your own guests – no matter the party size while offering chauffeured cars that drive up to the plane, and the convenience of take offs and landings at more airports around the world – getting you closer to where you want to go.  You can make one-way, round, or multi-leg trips, covering domestic or international journeys.

Operators like Skyservice, operate out of private jet facilities called FBOs (Fixed Base Operations), situated alongside the airports.

When arranging your private jet rental, you can choose between jet cabins to suit different group sizes and flight durations. A small size cabin can seat between 5-9 people for flights between 3 and 5 hours. Our mid-size cabin aircraft are suitable for between 8-14 passengers and flight durations of up to 6 hours, while larger parties can opt for large cabin aircraft for direct flights to all global destinations.


What Are the Advantages of Skyservice Air Charter Service?

Skyservice Charter provides one of the largest jet fleets in Canada. Renowned for safety and the convenience of being located minutes away from city centers, our FBO sites like Skyservice Toronto, Skyservice Montreal and Skyservice Vancouver provide quick, fully accessible, and seamless departures. Let’s check out the benefits you’ll enjoy if you take advantage of our air charter service:

  • Personalized service with a highly trained charter specialist
  • Wide selection of Toronto charter jets, Montreal charter jets, Vancouver charter jets, and other charter options for Canadian origination or destination flights.
  • Book travel based on your timelines and needs, not others.
  • Customized catering with no request too small or too large.
  • Reduced travel times for speedier arrival to final destinations with thousands of additional airports globally to choose from.
  • Autonomy to arrive minutes before departure.
  • No waiting in lines at the airport or arriving hours before your flight.
  • Option to arrive earlier to enjoy complimentary amenities and welcoming facilities at our award winning FBOs.
  • Avoidance of lines or delays in claiming baggage, customs, or security checks.
  • A Flight Attendant to see to your every need in flight (upon request or based on size of aircraft).
  • Luggage convenience.  Ideal for carrying added baggage and oversized equipment for activities like skiing in Whistler and maximizing time on the slopes without aggravation.
  • Travel with pets hassle-free.
  • Freedom from delayed flights due to aircrew or staffing issues experienced with major airlines.
  • Privacy and discretion


How Do I Book a Private Jet Rental?

When you book a private jet rental, our team will attend to all of your travel needs, from identifying exactly the right aircraft to planning a personalized flight schedule. We’ll also arrange custom catering for your in-flight meals and coordinate ground transportation to the FBO and upon landing to your final destination.

The air charter service experience guarantees total peace of mind and a seamless journey that’s perfect for business or pleasure. Our team is available 24/7 to address any queries, and our booking system is very straightforward.

Simply call us at 1-888-759-3269 or email us to discuss your specific requirements.