Five Easy Steps for Chartering a Private Jet

As commercial air travel becomes increasingly challenging, many corporations and their executives are turning to the privacy, comfort and convenience of private air charter. Private air travelers enjoy a streamlined experience from arrival, check-in, security and customs clearance, and luggage pick-up. Private jet rental enables you to fly directly to your destination, and gives you complete control and flexibility over your schedule.

Thinking about chartering a private jet? Here are five easy steps to get you flying.

1. Select a TRUSTED Charter Aircraft Provider

Look for a private jet rental company that is committed to providing the highest levels of aviation safety, security and privacy to their customers. Make sure the air charter service has a Platinum rating from the Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US), North America’s most stringent rating for operational safety.

Ask about the company’s safety record and staffing. Ensure at least two dedicated pilots — each with extensive training and knowledge of the aircraft — are in the cockpit.

Protect your privacy. Charter providers are required to share client information with third parties only when it is required for operational or security purposes. For example, all aircraft operated by Skyservice™ are blocked from tracking programs that are available to the public.

2. Match your travel needs to the RIGHT private jet

Review your travel requirements before selecting a charter plane. Determine how many passengers are travelling, the amount of luggage, and whether you need to fly direct or make a stop. Share this information with a trusted air charter service to identify the best options that match your budget.

Skyservice is one of Canada’s largest private jet charter companies. We offer a robust fleet of private aircrafts ideal for domestic, transborder and international flights.

3. Get a DETAILED Charter Quote

Once you have chosen one or two trusted service providers, ask for a quote. Contact a service representative or request a quote online. Ensure your quote itemizes any extra fees such as catering, ground transportation, and in air Wi-Fi costs.

4. Take ADVANTAGE of Discounted Empty Leg Charter Flight Pricing

If you have flexibility with dates, consider the option of empty leg flights. An empty leg flight occurs when an aircraft is scheduled for a one-way flight, but needs to fly back to its previous destination, sometimes empty. As a result, empty leg flights are usually offered at a discount.

5. Sit, back relax and enjoy YOUR flight

The last step is to book your flight. Your charter aircraft provider will coordinate your charter flight, ensuring your pilots and crew are scheduled, airport arrivals and departures are arranged, catered food requests are ordered and requested on-ground reservations are booked. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the privacy, comfort and convenience of your private jet charter.

For more information on chartering a private jet with Skyservice™, please contact us at 1.866.759.4132 or send an email to  Register today for Skyservice Empty leg flights here.

On behalf of all of us at Skyservice, safe travels!