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Whether for personal, business or commercial use, owning a private aircraft means wanting the best, and that means regular upkeep and maintenance to help boost jet performance, extend aircraft longevity and retain its market value. Skyservice’s™ expert advice and tips ensure your aircraft meets and exceeds its capabilities now and for as long as you choose to own it.

Maintaining Your Aircraft

There are numerous ways to maintain optimal aircraft Jet Performance and valuation, starting with making sure all Airworthiness Directives (Ads) and Service Bulletins (SBs) have been kept. Regular maintenance on engines and documentation is key to longevity and ideal performance. Stale-dated information is less trustworthy: Obtaining a valuation close to or after an inspection increases aircraft value with “fresh out of inspection” data.

Improve or Enhance Aviation Elements

Improving or enhancing aviation elements within the aircraft go a long way. Think of attractive colour, modern design and components such as 5G Wifi, satellite systems, ADS-AB compliance, CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communication), Future Navigation Systems, and Cabin Management Systems to name a few.

Physical improvements can include new exterior paint, using colour palettes that appeal to a wider audience, while refurbishments to the interior cabin with updated, comfortable furniture and sleek design are aesthetically pleasing while adding value.

Protect Your Aircraft

In regions that experience severe weather, be it snow, extreme cold or even hail, indoor hangar parking in between flights can go a long way to protecting your aircraft from damaging climate that can negatively impact its value and performance.

Enroll in a service plan

Finally, enrollment on Airframe and Engines OEM service plan is ideal, as aircraft on service plans hold a higher value. In fact, leased aircraft are required to be enrolled to protect the asset value.

Skyservice appreciates that aircraft performance and valuation lies lie in responsible aircraft ownership. Our knowledgeable, highly trained and skilled maintenance team offers support for more than 50 123 types of business and commercial aircraft, with accessibility to parts, and on-call availability 24/7 for all AOG services. As an authorized service centre for Bombardier, Dassault Gulfstream, we have manufacturer-backed support and knowledge to assist you in any number of questions, concerns and upkeep. Continue to choose Skyservice to ensure optimal jet performance, safety and peace of mind.


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