Safeguarding Your Investment: The Importance of Aircraft Management

Taking ownership of an aircraft is a significant accomplishment but also represents a substantial operational and management undertaking and responsibility. To protect your investment and to ensure that your aircraft remains in optimal condition for a flawless performance every time it takes to the air, you need a management company whose dedication to quality, details, and safety matches your own.


What do aircraft services management companies do?

Aircraft management encompasses a wide variety of services, which together ensure the operational and financial aspects of aircraft ownership are managed in the most efficient manner. These services include aircraft maintenance, flight operations, regulatory compliance, financial management and asset protection amongst others. It is crucial that due diligence is performed in every area to maximize the utility, longevity, and value of your aircraft.

1. Aircraft Maintenance

Maintaining an aircraft in peak condition is crucial to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew. Aircraft maintenance is performed routinely, with regular inspections and proactive repairs not only maintaining the safe and reliable performance of the aircraft, but also protecting its value. You should ensure that you choose a company with aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians who have received top-tier training, with appropriate manufacturer certifications, equipped with proper tooling and equipment and use only approved vendors and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for sourcing certified components.

2. Flight operations

The logistics of getting your aircraft into the air are complex and require significant planning and a strict adherence to aviation protocols. Outsourcing your flight operations to a professional aircraft management team ensures that your aircraft will be ready to fly, with a highly experienced crew on board and a coordinated flight schedule, every time you need to travel.

3. Regulatory compliance

The aviation industry is subject to stringent regulations and safety standards, and failure to comply, whether intentionally or accidentally, has severe consequences. It is essential that every aircraft owner remains abreast of all relevant regulatory requirements or outsources this service to a dedicated aircraft services management team who will manage them on your behalf, providing tailored advice and guidance as required to ensure that you always remain compliant.

4. Asset protection

Protecting your investment requires that safeguards are put in place to protect your aircraft from damage, all reasonably foreseeable risks and any unforeseen events. Aircraft management companies offer tailored insurance and risk management solutions to satisfy your individual requirements.

5. Financial management

An aircraft is a significant financial investment. Crew salaries and insurance premiums must be paid, conducting maintenance is non-negotiable and poor financial management can have ramifications for your end of year financial position. Aircraft management companies apply their expertise to streamline your expenses, optimize your budget and deliver a comprehensive overview of the financial performance of your aircraft. Joining a reputable management company can also provide added savings in insurance premiums, ground handling, and fuel costs.

Choosing a professional aircraft services management company

Entrusting your aircraft management to a professional and dedicated company offers many benefits to clients, from increasing the aircraft’s value through fully documented maintenance regimes, optimizing the cost of ownership, providing peace of mind and guaranteeing that your aircraft will be available in a safe and reliable condition, every time that you wish to travel.

A professional aircraft management company will take the stress out of aircraft ownership, allowing you to enjoy the perks of owning a private jet without the frustrations and challenges that are so often associated with such an asset. When you entrust your aircraft to an aircraft management company, you will benefit from the flexibility and prestige that aircraft ownership affords.

In conclusion, although aircraft ownership is a significant investment, trusting a professional aircraft management company such as Skyservice to manage and maintain it for you removes the stresses associated with ownership and protects your investment. To discover how Skyservice can elevate your aviation experience to new heights, please contact us today.