Skyservice™ Ensures Safety On the Ground And In The Sky

As we continue to deal with unparalleled events unfolding across the globe, Skyservice clients can rest assured that we remain ready to provide our usual high quality AOG support, maintenance, aircraft repairs and parts sales to ensure essential business can carry on as normally as possible. Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to supplying exceptional quality of service both locally and around the world, through outstanding aircraft safety knowledge and support.

AOG SupportWith air travel currently restricted due to the ongoing health crisis, now is an opportune time to schedule aircraft service and maintenance so you are ready to be up and flying when COVID-19 is behind us. With more than 25 years of demonstrated expertise in jet maintenance at our fingertips, the Skyservice team ensures aircraft safety is always a top priority. We are the proud continuous recipient of the prestigious ARGUS Platinum-Rating, a truly admirable achievement that places Skyservice in the upper five percent of more than 1,000 US-based charter operators. Receiving this highest possible rating demonstrates not only our ongoing commitment to safety, but to customer and aircraft service as well.

Operating 24/7 out of state-of-the art facilities, Skyservice employs exceptionally trained technicians qualified to perform AOG support on more than 124 types of both business and commercial planes, ranging from light jets to heavy aircraft, allowing us to service a wide variety of makes and models. While limited travel is making obtaining necessary parts more challenging, our extensive warehouse inventory ensures we have a large selection of parts at our disposal. If you need it, we will do our best to provide it.

We at Skyservice understand these are difficult times of insecurity, with both passengers and aircraft owners facing uncertainty as they navigate an ongoing and ever-changing landscape of travel concerns. Skyservice is working diligently to track the daily changes, understand the issues and impart any new information to our valued customers as soon as possible. We also strive, as always, to keep our safety record immaculate, providing unscheduled or emergency maintenance to customers 24/7, with the ability to dispatch technicians anywhere in the world to ensure we meet our customers’ ongoing needs.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and thank you for continuing to choose Skyservice.