Skyservice™ Specializes in Non-Destructive Testing and NDT Services

As Canada’s leading facility in aircraft maintenance services, Skyservice™ prides itself on its state-of-the-art facilities featuring unsurpassed quality in technical services and solutions for more than 124 types of aircraft, including a Level 3 Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) capability, the highest and most sophisticated level of NDT service available in the industry.

Used to detect and evaluate any flaws that may exist in aviation materials, Non-Destructive Testing is a vital method used to ensure the integrity of the plane and its parts are intact from a design, manufacture, and maintenance perspective. Here at Skyservice, our certified and knowledgeable technicians employ NDT techniques and equipment to examine materials and components before being placed or used on a plane and while the plane is “in-service.”

We understand clients may have questions surrounding this important capability and as with all of our numerous services, we do our utmost to address them openly and transparently in an effort to keep our clients well-informed and up-to-date. When it comes to NDT services, we take our AMO initiative from the customer who dictates the work scope based on Airworthiness Directives (ADs) or Service Bulletins (SBs), or from in-service incidences. When it comes to frequency of Non-Destructive Testing for aircraft safety, again this is directed by customers, coupled with manufacturer recommendations and ADs or SBs.

We take our AMO nitiative from the customer

In our ongoing commitment to providing exemplary service and customer satisfaction, Skyservice specializes in six types of NDT services, both in-shop/in-hangar and via mobile service to outside customers: Liquid Penetrant Testing, Radiography, Ultrasonic Testing (Crack & Thickness), Magnetic Particle Inspection, Eddy Current Testing (Crack & Corrosion inspection) and Bond Testing. These tests address a variety of potential safety concerns, including detecting natural seepage of a liquid around a speculated flaw, using high-frequency sound energy to locate internal flaws, and using metal thickness measurements to identify corrosion under aircraft skin.

Skyservices specializes in siz types of NDT services

With all the latest equipment at their fingertips, Skyservice technicians work tirelessly to provide superior service, with close to 200 years of vast aircraft NDT expertise between our bases. Unlike other companies that specialize in industrial work, Skyservice always makes aircraft part inspections a top priority.

As a Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO), and members of the American Society for NDT (ASNT) and American Society for Testing (ATSM), Skyservice remains dedicated to ensuring both parts and planes are ready for service with the highest levels of standards for customer needs, quality and safety.

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