Tailored Solutions for Individual Owners: Private Aircraft Maintenance Services

Skyservice offers world-class scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services for discerning private clients. With over 37 years of experience, our skilled technicians at Skyservice ensure the safety and airworthiness of your private aircraft. As a TCCA-, EASA-, Bermuda, 2REG, Cayman Islands, and FAA -approved MRO and authorized service/warranty center or dealership for many leading aircraft manufacturers, we provide reliable and trusted maintenance solutions.

Our maintenance solutions and technical services are highly regarded in the aviation industry. We prioritize a client-first approach, striving for excellence in everything we do. We communicate proactively and consistently  and deliver a top quality product on time and on budget.


Class-leading aircraft maintenance

Our OEM-certified  aircraft maintenance engineers undergo extensive factory approved training and possess experience in a wide range of engineering and consulting tasks. These include maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), scheduled inspections, AOG services, aircraft evaluation, pre-purchase inspections, avionics installation and servicing, and consulting. With our advanced non-destructive testing techniques, we conduct thorough and superior analysis of varied assemblies to assess and maintain key aircraft components.

Skyservice’s maintenance facilities are equipped to handle the overhaul and repair of aircraft components. We adhere to all manufacturer guidelines and ensure compliance with your regional regulatory requirements. Regardless of your location, our expertise is available to aircraft owners worldwide.


Pre-purchase evaluation of pre-owned aircraft

We are regularly called upon to assist clients in assessing the condition and value of pre-owned aircraft, ensuring transparency in your purchase. With our extensive expertise in evaluation and consulting services, we provide detailed information about your planned purchase.

Our services include new aircraft completion acceptance, pre-purchase inspections, and a comprehensive review of records. We can also arrange transportation of the aircraft to a convenient location for you.


Aircraft on Ground (AOG) support

If your aircraft is grounded, we are dedicated to helping you resolve the situation promptly. Our 24/7 fast response solutions involve our expert technicians traveling to your location or working with a local team. We are committed to restoring airworthiness to your aircraft as quickly as possible, minimizing the impact on your flight schedule. As the AOG service provider in Canada for Dassault, Bombardier, HondaJet and Gulfstream our mobile repair teams can travel anywhere to assist and repair your aircraft.


Avionics and aircraft interior upgrades

Customizing and upgrading your aircraft allows us to ensure that it meets your specific preferences and requirements, ultimately increasing its value. Many clients choose to upgrade avionics equipment to enhance the cockpit and improve connectivity and entertainment options for passengers.

We specialize in installing and integrating advanced avionics systems, including navigation, communication, weather radar, flight management, and entertainment systems as well as off aircraft communication like our own supplementary type certificate (STC) for Satcom PSKU. . Our certified technicians work closely with you to select the best solutions while providing guidance on regulations.

With our network of talented professionals, we can transform both the interior and exterior of your aircraft to your exact specifications. Whether you prefer designer upholstery, beautiful wooden veneers, luxurious leather, or durable carpeting, our partners will elevate your aircraft to world-class standards.


Exceptional service

Skyservice is committed to delivering exceptional service in all that we do. With numerous Supplemental Type Certificates from various bodies, we are fully qualified, and experienced, and we consistently strive for excellence.