Why Purchasing a Corporate Jet Makes Sense

If your executive team flies frequently, particularly by private charter, your organization should consider purchasing a corporate jet. It’s a decision that balances cost with convenience and efficiency. If your team logs over 200 hours of flying time per year, the cost of purchasing and maintaining an airplane may make sense.

Here’s why.

Why Purchasing a Corporate Jet Makes Sense

Convenience. When an organization owns an aircraft, it can be customized with specific equipment, technology and amenities to suit their needs. For corporate executives, the jet becomes a private boardroom.

On-board amenities. Private aircraft are outfitted with premium amenities, including a full galley, a private washroom, and beds for long hauls or overnight flights, private meeting spaces and in-flight internet and phones.

Corporate Jet On-board amenities

Dedicated crew. When you own your own aircraft, you also hire a flight crew that remains with the aircraft every time you fly. This fosters a level of safety, trust and reliability that makes the crew an integrated part of your team.

Dedicated services. Top tier jet management partners, such as Skyservice, offer a full suite of ground support for your aircraft. Personalized 24/7 flight coordination, fueling, aircraft grooming, cleaning, insurance and secure hangarage provided by one service provider makes jet ownership easy.

Premium fixed base operations. Owning your aircraft enables you to take advantage of the amenities offered by fixed base operators without ever leaving the airport. Trusted operators, such as Skyservice, offer meeting facilities as well as catering and audio/visual services to keep the day running smoothly and efficiently. And since you dictate the aircraft’s schedule, you can even make time for a nap or a workout in the gym.

Seamless aircraft management. Aircraft ownership should be hassle free. Trusted aircraft management companies like Skyservice can manage flight logistics, aircraft maintenance services and financial reporting. When your aircraft is not in use, Skyservice can charter your aircraft to offset some of the fixed costs of ownership.

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