ATTENTION: Canadian Challenger 604 operators — The FANS 1/A Rockwell Collins STC is now approved in Canada for the Challenger 604

The FANS 1/A Rockwell Collins STC is now approved in Canada for the Challenger 604. Skyservice™, your authorized Rockwell Collins and Bombardier ASF in Canada, has your FANS 1/A, CaThe FANS 1/A Rockwell Collins STC is now approved in Canada for the Challenger 604. nadian approved STC, as well as ADSB out Canadian approved STC. Take this opportunity to comply with FANS 1/A, and ADSB – OUT, DO 260-B before the deadlines.


FANS-1/A design is a range of Future Air Navigation System (FANS) products. FANS is an avionics system which provides direct data link communication between the pilot and the Air Traffic Controller. The communications include air traffic control clearances, pilot requests, and position reporting.

Effective December 2017, aircraft flying between FL350 and FL390 in the newly named “NAT High Level” (formerly known as minimum navigation performance specification, or MNPS) airspace over the North Atlantic must be equipped with controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC), which enables text-based messaging between air traffic controllers and aircraft. Airplanes flying in this airspace also must have automatic dependent surveillance-contract (ADS-C) capabilities, which enable them to transmit position data from onboard navigation and data link systems. Collectively, these capabilities are known as the Future Air Navigation System standard, or FANS 1/A.

Until recently, aircraft not equipped with FANS 1/A could still operate outside those tracks with few issues. However, crews will increasingly discover that non-FANS tracks are harder to come by, with most disappearing completely on Jan. 30, 2020.


Any airspace that requires the use of a Transponder today will on January 01, 2020 also require aircraft to be equipped with a Version 2 ADS-B Out system. This can be either a 1090ES (DO-260B) ADS-B system or a UAT (DO-282B) ADS-B system.

For aircraft operating above FL180 (18,000 ft.) or to comply with ADS-B mandates outside the United States, you must be equipped with a Mode-S transponder-based ADS-B transmitter. For aircraft operating below 18,000 ft. and within the United States ADS-B rule airspace, you must be equipped with either a Mode-S transponder-based ADS-B transmitter or with UAT equipment.

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