Skyservice™ Announces Expansion in Nation’s Capital

November 1, 2016

Skyservice announces that as of November 1st, 2016 it will begin operating the Esso Avitat in Ottawa, Ontario as a Skyservice™ FBO. Previously operated by JPD Aviation, Skyservice™ looks forward to providing customers with the same level of support and quality of service that JPD Aviation has provided their customers with over the past 25 years. “On behalf of Skyservice™, we would like to welcome the Ottawa team to the Skyservice™ network of FBOs. We look forward to working together to grow our business and increase our impact on the Canadian business aviation landscape,” says Marshall Myles, CEO of Skyservice™.

Skyservice announces expansion FBO Ottawa

“We are excited to become a part of the Skyservice™ team. Aligning our business with Skyservice™ seemed like a natural fit, as we both share the same ideals in providing growth and quality in the Canadian and global aviation market,” Javier Pascuet, General Manager, Skyservice™ Ottawa.

Skyservice™ is committed to offering unparalleled service to their customers. The Ottawa FBO, with a deep-rooted history and strong reputation for quality and operational excellence, is a valuable addition to their existing award winning network of FBOs across Canada.

About Skyservice™

Founded in 1986, Skyservice™ is Canada’s leader in business aviation. With facilities in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary, Skyservice™ is dedicated to world-class service and the highest levels of safety and security. Our skilled Maintenance teams, outstanding Fixed Base Operations facilities, first-class Aircraft Management, Charter Services, Aircraft Brokerage and HondaJet aircraft sales provide our customers with an experience that truly is air travel, evolved.

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