Milestones and Momentum: 35 Years of Skyservice Business Aviation

By Benjamin J. Murray, President & CEO

For 35 years, Skyservice Business Aviation has been perfecting the art of service delivery, both in the air and on the ground.

Since 1986, our company has cherished the key founding values of Russ and Peggy Payson, who opened the first Skyservice™ FBO in Montréal in 1986. Since then, we’ve undergone many changes, but we’ve always grown through a continued focus on doing what is best for our customers.

Over the years, Skyservice Business Aviation has expanded its service portfolio to include aircraft management, charter, maintenance, and aircraft sales and acquisition, in addition to our renowned FBO experience in Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa and Calgary. Recently, our aircraft maintenance division expanded to Muskoka, Ont., where we deliver services to regional, commercial and corporate aircraft.

Today, we are retaining our foundational entrepreneurial values as we transition to a well-oiled, professionally managed modern business model. We’re still laser-focused on providing highly personalized business aviation solutions to our customer base. Our team is investigating ways to modernize our end-to-end service delivery, whether that involves implementing exciting new technology or investing in stronger consumerization models that are driven by today’s market trends. While at the same time, our company understands that our businesses long term success depends on how we engage today, which is rooted in our belief in investing in our people, our communities and our industry. Treating employees with respect, addressing environmental concerns, building trust within the community and supporting innovation are of the utmost importance within every aspect of our business.

Skyservice Business Aviation is fortunate to have the backing of investors who believe in our business plan and are enabling our growth and momentum. We’ve spent the last 35 years accumulating specialized business aviation knowledge that has recently enabled us to capitalize on some exciting expansion opportunities across North America. There is so much in store as we look ahead to the next 35 years!

As we grow, our aircraft management clients will continue to benefit from economies of scale and value. Transient aircraft visiting a Skyservice FBO will in the future enjoy a newly digitized service delivery process that is both efficient and seamless across all our locations. MRO customers will enjoy the benefits as we move toward greater utilization of data-driven predictive maintenance, enabling safer and more efficient business aviation operations.

Our future lies in innovative transportation and technology solutions and we are moving now – during the pandemic – to put transparent processes in place that will see us emerge as North America’s recognized leader in business aviation.

Of course, this vision cannot come to pass without our people. Investing in our staff is critical to our future. I see the talent we have in entry-level positions and I recognize that they are the leaders of tomorrow. I want Skyservice Business Aviation to be the first name that comes to mind for anyone in Canada who dreams of working in private transportation. We will take a leading role as the employer of choice through our steadfast commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion to actively encourage students to pursue a career in business aviation. Skyservice will remain committed to developing our next generation of leaders. I know it can happen. And it is essential that it does.

So, what’s in a name? Plenty, if it’s Skyservice Business Aviation. Built on the bedrock of a solid safety and service culture over the past 35 years, we have the momentum and financial strength to modernize and broaden our scope of business. Exciting new opportunities are in store as we take ownership of our future.

Service. People. Growth. Innovation.

Skyservice is taking business aviation to new heights. We are aiming higher and focused on reaching further!

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