Skyservice™ Expands MRO Service Offering by becoming an Authorized Dealer & Certified Installer of Aviation Clean Air (ACA) Solutions

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Canada’s leader in business aviation, Skyservice Business Aviation, is expanding its MRO service offerings with the addition of Aviation Clean Air’s (ACA) surface and air purification and decontamination process. ACAs innovative airborne and surface purification solutions improve air quality throughout the aircraft, kills pathogens like COVID-19, removes allergens and destroys unpleasant odors without the use of harmful chemicals – all of which improve flight safety and passenger health.

Skyservice now offers on demand sanitization with ACA portable devices at our Fixed Based Operations (FBO) locations across Canada; including Toronto, Montréal and Calgary. In addition, Skyservice now has the capability of doing on plane permanent installs of the ACA product and is working on a number of Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) across a variety of Aircraft type.

“Passengers and aircraft owners have heightened concerns on the potential health risks in flying. We believe that we have partnered with a company that provides the best product on the market today. The ACA ionizer allows our clients to return back to flying with the confidence that harmful viruses and bacteria have been removed from the surfaces they touch and the air they breathe”, comments Emlyn David, President and CEO of Skyservice.

The ACA air purification and sanitization process has been tested by Innovative Bio Analysis, the ACA ionizer was effective at rendering harmless the novel corona virus that causes COVID-19. The lab test showed that 99.4% of the virus particles were inactivated within 30 minutes.

Quick installation for clean air across all types of aircraft

ACA’s airborne ionization product takes approximately 2-5 days to install and costs range based on the number of units needed per size of aircraft. The components are easy to install and have minimal maintenance requirements making it popular for aircraft of all sizes. Skyservice is currently working on a number of Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) on a wide range of aircraft including the Global 5000, 6000 and classic, Challenger 300/350, Hawker 800 and Falcon 7x.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with one of the largest MRO service providers in Canada”, stated Howard Hackney, ACA Managing Member. “Our patented Needle Point Bi-polar Ionization (NPBI™) process integrates easily within existing aircraft environment control systems and provide a natural purification process without producing harmful ozone or chemicals – a certified and proven natural cleaning process that works with the environment – not against it”.

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