Advantage No. 2

Real-time financial insight and data, at your fingertips

With our digital platform and a dedicated financial billing specialist assigned to your account, you gain immediate access to the financial information you and your team needs. As your outsourced partner, we consolidate the data involving your aircraft, derive actionable insight from the data, and share it with you in a fully transparent manner. You gain time savings and peace of mind, as well as improved record keeping, by having Skyservice manage all your aircraft documentation, billing and invoicing, and reporting tasks. We offer access to financial reports, KPIs, aircraft scheduling and logistics, charter booking details, and much more to simplify, organize, and report key information to help you make informed decisions about your aircraft.

As an outsourced provider, we also function as a robust data management source. By securing your confidential records and receipts, we fluidly support your team when questions arise about ownership entities, insurance certifications, taxation and past aircraft activities.

SKY Mobile App

A fully transparent view of your aircraft that details:

  • Utilization of owner and charter hours, days flying, standby, unavailable and in maintenance
  • Fuel price analysis
  • Financial snapshot of scheduled vs. unscheduled maintenance
  • Charter revenue performance
SKY Client Portal

Detailed transaction reporting and accessibility to all source documents that includes:

  • KPI performance tracking reports
  • E-statement & payment reminder notifications
  • Transparency to foreign currency translations
Dedicated Financial Billing Specialist

Our managed clients benefit from a dedicated financial billing specialist who provides regular oversight and financial stewardship. By studying your account and billing costs regularly, your billing specialist recommends optimal ways to drive costs out of your ownership experience. In addition, to ease the complications of expense reporting for pilots, we offer a crew credit card to streamline the organization and submittal of flight expenditures.