Advantage No. 5

Seamless flight experience

Our aircraft management members and their teams have direct access to our Global Operations Center (GOC), which professionally arranges, manages, and monitors all flight-related activities. We call upon our crew schedulers, flight planning experts, maintenance controllers, and flight concierge to ensure your aircraft is prepped on time and equipped with the on-flight amenities you require. 

The GOC initiates all the activities necessary to ensure your flights are flawless, including making FBO reservations, securing over-flight permits, initiating flight follow service, scheduling crew and itineraries, complimentary flight concierge activities, and much more.

Skyservice has one of the most comprehensive safety management systems (SMS) in the industry. Our SMS can identify hazards, conduct risk assessments, mitigate risks, and continuously improve our flight programs while supporting a safety-conscious and proactive safety culture.

**This service is also available to interested Velocity members.