Efficient Aircraft Management: The Power of Oversight in Aircraft Asset Management

When it comes to aircraft management, efficiency and proper oversight are the keys to a seamless ownership experience. At Skyservice, we understand the intricate demands of aircraft ownership and we offer tailored solutions that not only provide oversight but also ensure a seamless operation, maximizing the availability of your aircraft and dispatch reliability. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our two managed services programs, Apex and Velocity, which are designed to cater to your unique ownership and travel needs.


Tailored Aircraft Asset Management Programs

At Skyservice, we recognize that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer two distinct levels of managed services programs, enabling you to choose the level of service and support that aligns with your aircraft ownership goals. Our full management solution, Apex, provides comprehensive support and includes overseeing your aircraft’s operations to managing your crew and financials. Apex provides the all-inclusive option for those seeking a truly effortless ownership experience. If you’re looking for more of an a la carte solution, Velocity is the ideal choice. It offers key services to enhance your aircraft management experience without the comprehensive oversight provided by Apex.

Client Solutions Executive (CSE)

For our managed aircraft members, the journey to efficient management begins with a single point of contact – your Client Solutions Executive (CSE). Your CSE is more than your representative; they are your trusted advisor throughout your ownership journey. Your CSE plays a pivotal role in creating an effortless aircraft ownership experience. They guide you and your team through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition to our services.

Real-Time Data for Aircraft Management

Efficient management relies on data-driven decisions. With Skyservice, you gain access to a digital platform that provides transparent, detailed information at your fingertips. Our clients enjoy instant access to operational and financial aircraft reporting, and to further enhance oversight, we provide a dedicated financial specialist who offers financial stewardship.

The Best Aviation Team at Your Service

Recruiting and retaining a superior aviation team for your aircraft can be challenging in today’s competitive market. Skyservice takes the burden off your shoulders by handling crew hiring and crew management for you. We understand that assembling a skilled and reliable team is an art, not a science, and we have the experience to find and retain top talent for your aircraft.

Skyservice Charter

Owning an aircraft can be a significant financial commitment. If interested, Skyservice offers a solution to help you offset some of your operational costs through our Skyservice Charter program. Your CSE will work closely with you to create a charter flight scheduling program that will balance your flight activity and your charter goals with pilot availability, helping you maximize your aircraft’s efficiency.

An Efficient Flight Experience

Our management clients have direct access to our Global Operations Center (GOC), which operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The GOC is staffed by professionals who expertly arrange, manage and monitor every aspect of your flight. Whether it’s crew scheduling, flight planning, maintenance coordination or ensuring your aircraft is equipped with the necessary amenities, our team at the GOC has you covered and ensures you are prepared for your next destination.

Proactive Maintenance Approach

Maintenance is critical for ensuring aircraft is safe for flight. Members of Skyservice enjoy VIP-level benefits, such as priority scheduling, access to OEM-certified maintenance facilities and 24/7 Aircraft on-ground (AOG) services. Our proactive approach to maintenance ensures the aircraft is ready when you need it.

Guidance from Skyservice

At Skyservice, our expertise in the business aviation industry spans decades. Through comprehensive problem-solving, we support our clients throughout their experience with their aircraft. From consultation, aircraft acquisition, management, charter, and maintenance to our award-winning FBOs across North America, our commitment to creating value is unwavering, making Skyservice the trusted partner you can rely on for efficient aircraft asset management.