Fly Here, not There

Saving time with the most convenient airports for private jet charter travel

When you consider the value of chartering a private jet, saving time is one of the greatest benefits. Whether it is navigating the terminal and security, waiting to board, or even waiting on the tarmac, private jet charter can eliminate all of these. However, one of the greatest sources of time savings may be where you start or end your journey, and in the world of private aviation, connections simply don’t exist.

So, whether it is your point of departure or arrival, business or pleasure, consider these alternatives to major airports accessible only by private jet:

  • Heading to wine country? Skip San Francisco, Oakland or Sacramento and head right to Napa County Airport (APC)
  • Lots of people know Seattle’s airport by the name SeaTac, but King County International (BFI)airport is smaller, more convenient and closer to downtown Seattle.
  • South Florida-bound? Miami International is a major hub and one of the busiest airports in the United States. Opa-Locka (OPF)is where the who’s who of South Beach get in and out of Miami.
  • LaGuardia, JFK, or Liberty. You know we’re talking about New York City as the destination, but even though it’s technically in New Jersey Teterboro (TEB) is your best bet for getting into Manhattan.
  • Do you shudder when you hear O’Hare? Sure, Midway can be less hectic, but why bother with either when you could use Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) instead.
  • Ski trip? Why connect in Denver, Salt Lake City or Seattle-Tacoma when you can get to Big Sky country directly by flying into Helena (HLN).

Of course, as valuable as saving time is, it is just one of the benefits of flying private. You can learn more about some of the other benefits here.

There’s no need to be an expert in airport codes or memorize the list above. Whether you are ready to book your next (or first!) charter or just have questions about the process or benefits, our Charter Services team is on-call to ensure your trip is nothing short of an exceptional experience.

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