The Exclusivity and Unmatched Elegance of HondaJet Ownership

In a world where luxury travel is continually evolving, owning a HondaJet and partnering with Skyservice provides exclusivity that transcends conventional private jet experiences. Skyservice’s HondaJet IADA-certified sales consultants transform the purchase of this exceptional aircraft into the smoothest possible process for discerning clients. In addition, Skyservice takes pride in being the exclusive HondaJet Authorized Service Center in Canada. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled maintenance engineers provide superior scheduled maintenance and AOG support for the best in dependability, safety, and value retention for your aircraft.  When you invest in a HondaJet, you’re not just buying a jet; you’re becoming a member of an exclusive club of astute aircraft owners who demand the best.


HondaJet Sales: Exceptional Engineering and Design


The HondaJet is the world’s most advanced light jet. It is the fastest, farthest, and highest-flying plane in its class. With its innovative Over-the-Wing Engine Mount (OTWEM) configuration [1], the HondaJet design not only enhances aerodynamics but also creates a spacious and quiet cabin. HondaJet planes provide seating for up to six passengers, and the cabin offers a level of comfort and refinement that is unmatched in its class. The engine location on the wing helps this aircraft type further reduce noise and vibration, optimizing in-flight comfort [2].

State-of-the-Art Cockpit

Specifically designed to optimize ergonomics and situational awareness, the HondaJet’s cockpit provides pilots with improved visibility and operational space. The HondaJet’s cockpit comes with a pre-installed touchscreen all-glass Garmin® G3000 next-gen avionics system to optimize pilot / aircraft interaction. The system includes dual touchscreen controllers complemented by three 14-inch high-resolution displays to provide the very latest in control, navigation, and flight planning. Providing for maximum flexibility, the HondaJet’s cockpit supports single-pilot or dual-pilot operation.

Advanced Aerodynamics

The HondaJet embodies the latest developments in advanced aerodynamics. These include natural laminar airflow (NLF) in the design of the fuselage nose shape and the main wing aerofoil to provide class-leading drag coefficients. The HondaJet’s wing skin originates as a single piece of aluminium to minimize interruptions to airflow caused by the fasteners used in conventional assembly processes [3]. These design innovations combine to deliver improved fuel economy and higher cruising speeds.

Composite Construction

While many comparably sized aircraft employ aluminium in the construction of the fuselage, the HondaJet utilizes strong composite construction, exemplifying the advantages of co-cured integral structures in combination with honeycomb sandwich elements to deliver additional cabin space. The lightweight composite structure further improves fuel efficiency and overall performance.

The Costs to Own and Operate a HondaJet

Currently, the sole option for a factory shipment in the market is the HondaJet Elite II, which carries a price tag of $6.95 million USD along with various additional customization options.  Many buyers choose the resale market to avoid the current 2+ year waiting list[4]. At Skyservice we have found that the average operations costs of the HondaJet, with 200 hours, start at approximately CA$649,500 [6]. Operation costs will vary based on the amount of flight time, crew preferences, and distance travelled.

Aircraft Support That Exceeds Expectations

One of the cornerstones of Skyservice’s commitment to excellence is its MRO capabilities. Skyservice has a number of convenient locations to support HondaJet owners with their HondaJet Maintenance Program and claim any needed warranty requirements. In addition, our flight safety-trained technicians have extensive experience with 600-hour inspections and can perform scheduled, unscheduled, AOG (Aircraft on Ground), Non-Destructive Testing, Pre-purchase inspections, and assist with aircraft import and export modifications. Our maintenance teams meet Transport Canada, FAA, and EASA requirements. This ensures that your HondaJet is always in excellent condition and that any maintenance needs are promptly addressed.

The exclusivity and unmatched elegance of HondaJet ownership, paired with Skyservice’s exceptional MRO services and amenities, create an experience that goes far beyond the usual standards of private jet travel. Skyservice’s commitment to delivering pristine service and unparalleled aircraft support ensures that every journey is extraordinary.


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