Skyservice™ – The Exclusive Authorized HondaJet Elite Dealer in Canada

Posted on June 8, 2020

Receiving its Canadian certification in 2019, HondaJet Elite features Garmin G3000 avionics upgrades that provide improved situational awareness in the cockpit and more automated safety features for pilots. Other improved performance features include several aerodynamic refinements, becoming airborne at maximum takeoff weight after using 3,490 feet of runway, 440 fewer feet than before, and with four occupants will fly 1,437 nautical miles – 17.5 per cent further than the original model’s 1,223 nautical-mile NBAA IFR range.

The HondaJet prototype took flight on Dec. 3, 2003. Stanley Ip Photo

The HondaJet prototype took flight on Dec. 3, 2003, and the first FAA-conforming HondaJet with HF120 engines flew on Dec. 20, 2010. Stanley Ip Photo

The new HondaJet Elite base price is US$5.28 million, but various options can raise that to about US$5.8 million, and any previously produced HondaJet can be enhanced with performance and avionics upgrades with the purchase of the Advanced Performance Modification Group (APMG) package for US$250,000.

As the exclusive Canadian dealer, Skyservice Business Aviation has played an ongoing role in enhancing the HondaJet’s domestic profile, upholding its impressive key qualities of extended range, overall stable performance in any weather condition, along with impressively low operating cost, features that allow the aircraft to work as an effective business tool for visiting multiple locations within its operating range.

Skyservice Business Aviation remains highly optimistic about the Canadian market’s continued reception of the HondaJet Elite due to its previous success with the HondaJets within Canada. The customers’ familiarity with the product’s superior performance and exclusive features will continue to grow steadily along with the market, meeting expectations with respect to passenger comfort, performance and cost, and obtaining its expected increased market share.

Read the full article which originally appeared in the June/July issue of Skies Magazine.