Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Personal Jet Broker

When it comes to buying or selling your personal jet, there are numerous details to consider, and a knowledgeable aircraft broker can ensure your transaction is easy, straightforward and stress-free. Compiling a list of questions beforehand can go a long way in ensuring your experience is as close to perfect as possible.

Important questions to ask brokers about personal jet transactions

  1. How long the company has been in aviation sales?
  2. Is it a full-time focus?
  3. How many aircraft did you sell last year?
  4. How many aircraft were new versus used?
  5. How is the company recognized in the aviation industry?
  6. Can they give you assurances that their company is reputable?

If your broker can’t answer to your full satisfaction, find one who can. It’s not worth your time, effort or the possible risk to entrust your transaction to anyone with less than exemplary qualifications.

A knowledgeable broker can offer a number of valuable services, including both navigational support and guidance, providing insight about suitability, and assisting in the complex purchasing process. An effective company can also provide support on legal documentation, bill of sale, affidavits, title, evaluations, and plane inspections, while keeping you on track with paperwork during the buying/selling process. Skyservice™ boasts its own in-house team ready to handle all transactions, and can also recommend specialists for various additional needs.

Other important questions to pose include:

  1. What are your average days on market with an aircraft listing similar to my own?
  2. Have you needed to lower prices to obtain sales?
  3. How will you market and promote my aircraft?
  4. Most importantly, can your Company provide references?

You may also ask about relationships with financial organizations and lawyers to help with the purchase, maintenance of your aircraft and standard upkeep.

Skyservice™ is an accredited member of IADA, meaning all our brokers are IADA certified, and subscribe to a strict code of ethics. At Skyservice, you can always expect honest and ethical treatment in all personal jet transactions and related matters.

With more than 30 years’ experience serving the Canadian market and holding one of the highest percentage sales in Canada for both new and used aircraft, Skyservice takes pride in guaranteeing our clients’ needs are fully met, and we continue to support them in all our lines of business.


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