Understanding the Options Available in Private Jet Charter

Skyservice is one of the largest private jet charter companies in Canada. Our aircraft fleet is robust and offers the opportunity to charter an aircraft best suited for our clients’ specific travel group size, needs and ultimate destination. To help navigate through the assortment of private jet choices available, we explain the differences between our three categories — small-size cabin, mid-size cabin and large-size cabin — below.

Small-Size Cabin Aircraft – Skyservice small-size cabin charter aircraft are ideal for short-haul trips. Our selection of small-size cabin aircraft includes jets that offer a single seating area for passengers and turboprops. Typically, a small-size cabin provides passage for up to nine individuals depending on the aircraft model. Our assortment of small cabin aircraft includes Cessna Citations, Gulfstream 150s, and HondaJet HA-420 and Learjet 75 models.

Mid-Size Cabin Aircraft – Skyservice mid-size cabin charter aircraft are equipped to travel nonstop coast-to-coast and up to six hours in a single flight. Our selection of mid-size cabin aircraft includes two seating areas for passengers and accommodates up to 14 passengers depending on the aircraft model. Typical configurations include club seating areas — best for conversations and working sessions — and sofa areas for entertainment and relaxation. Our assortment of medium-sized aircraft includes well-appointed Challengers, Falcons, and the larger model Gulfstream; the G200.

Large-Size Cabin AircraftWith the largest assortment of large-size cabin charter aircraft in Canada, our large-size cabin aircraft provide the comforts required for long-haul transoceanic and multi-continental travel. Large-size cabin aircraft can support individual flight segments of up to 10 hours in duration. Our selection of large aircraft includes three seating areas for passengers and accommodates up to 17 individuals depending on the specific Falcon, Gulfstream, and Global aircraft model.

Amenities on board each aircraft in our charter fleet vary. Amenities range from reliable internet access throughout flight, to robust entertainment features, fully functional boardrooms onboard and a wide range of catering, beverage and meal options. Contact our charter flight specialists who will work with you to ensure the private jet charter options presented best meet your travel requirements.