Your Guide to Private Jet Rental and Charter Jet Experiences

Skyservice is an industry market leader with over 37 years of experience in providing private jet rental and charter services to discerning clients across the globe. We specialize in offering personalized solutions that cater to your specific travel needs, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and luxury of private aviation.


Choose a charter jet appropriate for your party size

We have access to a diverse fleet of aircraft suitable for individuals and groups of various sizes. Whether you’re travelling solo or with a large group, we can accommodate your needs. Our fleet covers small, mid-size, and large cabins, ensuring comfort and convenience for every journey.

Small cabins are perfect for groups of 1 to 9 people, offering a flight duration of 3 to 5 hours. Our mid-size cabins can accommodate 8 to 14 passengers, with a flight duration of up to 6 hours. For larger groups, our spacious cabins can accommodate up to 17 passengers and offer a flight duration of up to 10 hours, ideal for transcontinental flights.


Class-leading private jet charter

At Skyservice, we take pride in offering a full concierge service, going above and beyond to ensure a seamless and memorable travel experience. Our dedicated team will handle all the work and organization on your behalf.

We will assist you in selecting the most suitable aircraft, organize an experienced and service-oriented crew, and take care of any transportation requirements at departure and arrival locations. Additionally, we understand that personalization is the key to ultimate customer satisfaction, so we create a customized schedule and organize in-flight meals based on your individual preferences and those of anyone travelling with you.

At Skyservice Charter, no detail is too small, and no request is too difficult. Every journey with us will be an exceptional experience.


Private jet rental: experience the difference

Chartering a private aircraft with Skyservice empowers you to set your own schedule and choose departure and arrival times that align with your needs, allowing you to sidestep the constraints of commercial airline timetables. Also, you’ll have the flexibility to select from a wider range of airports, including regional airports that are more conveniently located near your departure or destination point.

This saves you valuable time and enhances your overall travel experience. Step aboard our private jets and indulge in an exclusive and intimate environment tailored to you and your group members.

The spacious cabins in our private jets are meticulously designed for optimum comfort, featuring luxurious seating and unparalleled headroom. You’ll enjoy a peaceful and serene journey, free from the noise and disruptions often associated with commercial air travel.

With our private jet charters, you only need to arrive at the airport minutes before departure, minimizing transit time and maximizing convenience.


Your office in the skies

For our business clients, a private jet provides an ideal environment for work or business discussions, ensuring you can maintain productivity during the flight. Our aircraft are equipped with onboard Wi-Fi and other communication facilities, enabling you to stay connected and handle important tasks while on the move. The private setting of a Skyservice charter jet ensures utmost confidentiality for sensitive discussions, allowing you to focus on your business goals without distractions.

Our purpose-built Fixed Base Operator (FBO) facilities are designed to enhance your travel experience. As you arrive, our highly trained staff will personally greet you and attend to your every need, ensuring a warm welcome and seamless transitions. We can also make security arrangements upon request, prioritizing your safety and peace of mind.

With decades of experience, Skyservice maintains an excellent safety record and adheres to all aviation safety regulations and industry best practices. Our staff members are highly trained, experienced, and hold appropriate certifications, ensuring your journey is in capable hands. Additionally, our knowledgeable team is available 24/7 to attend to every detail and address any inquiries or concerns you may have. At Skyservice, we redefine the meaning of impeccable service in the world of private aviation.

Contact Skyservice today to elevate your travel experience with our private jet rental and charter services. Experience the freedom, flexibility, and luxury that come with flying on your own terms. Let us take care of everything while you relax and enjoy the journey.