Skyservice™ Partners with Lithium Fire Guard™ to Extend Safety Solutions to Its Managed Aircraft Clients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MISSISSAUGA, ON, May 19th, 2021 /Press Release/

Canada’s leader in business aviation, Skyservice Business Aviation™, announced today that it is adding Lithium Fire Guard protection solutions to the company’s Managed Aircraft Services Offering. As a partner and authorized distributor of Lithium Fire Guard products, Skyservice employs a cost-effective, simple solution to a potentially hazardous problem.

“It’s been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is true for aviation,” stated Lyne Barbeau, VP of Aviation at Skyservice. “The proliferation of products using lithium-ion batteries is growing. Laptop computers, tablets, smart and cellular phones, cameras and battery chargers are just some of the common portable electronic devices (PED) passengers bring onboard an aircraft. Things rarely go wrong but having a solution on hand that can mitigate risk just makes strong business sense.”

When overheated or damaged, lithium-ion batteries can ignite, starting a relay effect for each battery cell. The fumes and smoke emitted from these batteries are toxic, and the unstable PED may explode, causing additional damage. The PG-100 is an aluminum box designed to contain the toxic smoke/fumes fully while allowing the PED thermal runaway event to continue inside the box until complete.

“Managed Aircraft clients are looking for full customizable service and support for their aircraft. Adding leading safety products, like Lithium Fire Guard’s PG 100, is a natural extension to Skyservice’s commitment to safety and service excellence,” commented Benjamin Murray, Skyservice President & CEO. “We are thrilled to offer a leading edge product to our managed and MRO clients around the world.”

Click here to view the Lithium Fire Guard PG-100 Fire Containment Box In Action!

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About Lithium Fire Guard

Lithium Fire Guard is the manufacturer and distributor of the PG-100 fire containment box. The PG-100 is the only solution that offers 100% containment of all the elements of a Lithium-ion battery thermal runaway event. Our patented “Scoop It” technology & transparent shield allows the firefighter to locate the burning device while protecting them as they position the PG-100 over the device to scoop into the box. Lithium Fire Guard is committed to aviation safety and is proudly manufactured in the USA.

About Skyservice™

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