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Soar in style and comfort when you fly in or out of Ottawa with Skyservice

Offering the largest charter plane fleet in Canada, Skyservice Ottawa has the private jet rental you need. We offer a broad range of heavy and ultra-long-range heavy jets with maximum passenger capacity, as well as mid-size and small jets capable of accessing remote airfields. With charter aircraft from Ottawa to private jet rentals to Ottawa, Skyservice offers options from all major aircraft manufacturers like Bombardier and Gulfstream.

When you book your private jet rental with Skyservice Ottawa your air charter service experience is customized to meet your exact needs and personal preferences. Our private jet charter allows you to tailor your entire itinerary—from arrival and departure times in Ottawa, to charter plane selection, private catering requests and on-the-ground transportation needs. With Skyservice Ottawa, you eliminate all the hassles associated with commercial travel and gain scheduling flexibility, access to more private airports, and complete privacy to and from your destination.

When you arrive at our amenity-rich FBO, you will be greeted with welcoming hospitality by our customer service team. Conveniently located at Ottawa airport (CYOW), Skyservice Ottawa is built on a legacy of superior service, safety and discretion, and delivers world-class service and excellence to our valued customers and their charter aircraft.

As part of our Ottawa Charter flight Services we offer:
  • On-site secure Valet Parking
  • Gourmet Catering
  • An In-house dedicated flight operations team
  • Vehicle-to-aircraft on-ramp boarding
  • On-site Customs Coordination

Our Ottawa FBO guest amenities include:
  • Client Lounge
  • Complimentary Refreshments & Snacks
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Executive Conference Room
  • Onsite parking


Private jet charter is the most luxurious way to travel in and out of Ottawa! Call us for more information about our private jet charter prices and learn more about the key routes our Ottawa customers fly!
  • Private Jet from Ottawa to Vancouver
  • Private Jets from Ottawa to Los Angeles
  • Private Jets from Ottawa to Miami
  • Private Jets from Ottawa to Ft. Lauderdale
  • Private Jets from Ottawa to Mexico


Empty leg flights provide opportunities for discounted private jet air travel. View our current list of empty leg flights where the realm of luxury and affordability seamlessly intertwine.


Passenger, crew, and aircraft safety is paramount when you rent a private jet with Skyservice. Our Ottawa charter operations have been ARGUS Platinum certified and IS-BAO rated, two of the most recognized and prestigious ratings globally in the aircraft charter industry. You can learn more about Skyservice’s commitment to world class safety here.


Our Ottawa FBO is located at:


Skyservice Ottawa
350 Comet Private
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 9B4

Telephone: 1.613.739.3776
Email: [email protected]

Driving directions from downtown Ottawa:
  1. Take Somerset St W (RR-36) to the west to head out of downtown.
  2. Turn left onto Bronson Ave (RR-79). Go for 6.8 mi.
  3. Continue on Airport Parkway Pvt (RR-79). Go for 0.2 mi.
  4. Turn left onto Airbus Pvt. Go for 427 ft.
  5. Turn left onto Comet Pvt toward Shell Aerocentre/Esso Avitat. Go for 417 ft.
  6. Turn right. Go for 66 ft.
  7. Turn left. Go for 72 ft.
  8. Welcome to Skyservice.
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